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Travel to Mexico with everything and your pet

Contrary to what happens in other countries in the world, the entry of pets into Mexico is a simple procedure with any of the airlines. So, if you live in Guatemala and want to travel to this country with your pet, you won’t have any problems. In fact, Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez has already been able to travel to Mexico with one of his pets.

Travel to Mexico with everything and your pet

Your dog can travel with you to Mexico simply by presenting some paperwork. Upon entering the country, you will need to present your pet’s vaccination record, which covers the rabies vaccine. This is the most important vaccine that you must prove and it must have been applied at least thirty days before the flight.

You must also have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian at least ten days before the date of travel. So, now just decide your destination and enjoy Mexico.

Mexico City

The city is undoubtedly one of the most pet-friendly places, as it has many parks with areas designed exclusively for your dog to have fun in their way. Some of these places are Parque Mexico, Parque Venados, Parque Lincoln, Jardin Pushkin, Parque La Mexicana and Parque Naucalli.

Some neighborhoods in the city are more puppy-friendly than others. For example, Colonia Roma, Condesa, Del Valle, and Narvarte are some of the neighborhoods with the best infrastructure to welcome your pets.

In these options, you will find many parks, cafes, and pet-friendly restaurants, as well as pet stores and the possibility of finding many new friends.

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This is one of the best beach destinations on the Mexican Pacific, and it is also one of the most pet-friendly beach spots in Mexico. Sayulita’s laid-back atmosphere is ideal for hanging out with your pet, as you can practically walk everywhere in the company of your four-legged friend.

Here you can also find plenty of hotels to stay with your pet.


Like Mexico City, Guadalajara has many spaces for your pet’s entertainment. Many dog parks have been set up in the city and its surroundings with special facilities to promote agility games.

Within the Metropolitan Park of Guadalajara is MetroCan, the largest dog park in Jalisco, where there are also different activities to promote coexistence between dogs and their owners.

In addition, the city has other options, such as the Guadalajara Center and Chapultepec Avenue, which are excellent for walking with your pet.

San Miguel de Allende

This picturesque city in the state of Guanajuato is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, where pets cannot go unnoticed. Downtown San Miguel is ideal for strolling with your dog, and in the surrounding area, you will find many pet-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Don’t leave your pet at home and ask about the conditions of the different Mexican airlines, so you can travel together without any problem. Get to know the wonders of Mexico and enjoy a few days away from the also beautiful Guatemala.

How to find the best honeymoon resorts in Mexico

If you are newly web, and looking for the best options to celebrate your honeymoon, then Mexico and its beauty is the one place you need to choose. As we all know that the cheap flights to Mexico City are often offered in the off-season, so you can simply plan your honeymoon in that season.

After booking the flight, you can simply start working on exploring tee place which you can do y going through three simple steps. These steps include the following:

1.      Research Online

Resort Live Aqua in Mexico City

The first thing and the simplest one is to just go online, sit there for some time and explore this place. You can start by looking at images, then visit the websites and start exploring more deeply.

Images that attract your attention can be Googled and explored a bit more than usual. You will get a lot of information through this process, and you must try out that before you ask anyone else from outside.

2.      Contact Tour Guides

A tour guide is normally thinking of as a person who is there to just guide the tourists while they are in someplace.

They have to take them to various places, tell them tales about them, and make them familiar with the history of that location.

Well, other than this these guides have a very important role which we often neglect. It is that they guide people even before they reach their destination.

You can find them online and talk to them in detail. They will guide you about the various places that are the best honeymoon destinations in Mexico, they can guide you about the budget, they can tell you the best accommodation places, and much more.

So, try out this option for sure before you go to this place.

3.      Ask References

Asking for references is the best way

Well, when you are done with the above-mentioned two points, the last and a very important step that you have to follow is to ask the references.

By this, we simply mean that you may need to get in touch with people around you, the family members, friends, and colleagues who have been to this place before.

To be very honest, these people are the best option for you to ask about the culture, art, traditions and values of this place.

These people can guide you very well on everything that you have to do before going there and while you are there.


One of the many main streets in Mexico City

Just after the selection of your flights to Mexico City, make sure you start the searching process.

Never leave this to the time when you reach the destination because that will not only waste your time, it will also disturb your mood and will cost you much more than expected.

So, come here with complete planning and with a full happy mood so that you can enjoy this best part of your life.

All the very best to the new web couples from our side, and the very best wishes for the future trip to Mexico.




Mexico is the country located in the southern region of northern America. It is famous for its tradition and culture. If you are a food lover and you want to eat tasty food then Mexico is the perfect location you should visit. Many tourists from all over the world want to visit Mexico because of its holiday destination and its beautiful places. Mexico is the country suitable for all tourist and it is a pocket-friendly country. If you don’t want to spend much on the vacations and you want to travel in the normal budget then you can take a cheap flights to Mexico and live in a three-star hotel and enjoy the vacations. Some of the places that make Mexico more beautiful and tourist attracted country are as follows:


Many tourists want to visit Cozumel because of its beautiful clear water and soft sand. Cozumel coast is full of tourist and many tourists want to enjoy the weather. Tourists want to travel on a cruise ship to enjoy the pleasant weather and the color of the sea. If you love shopping then Cozumel is the best place you can do shopping. There are a lot of shopping centers along the coastline which is full of tourists.

If you are interested to visit the islands and enjoy the boat ride then you should hire a boat rider who guides you for fishing and helps you to explore new reefs along the coast. If you visit this place then you will know that this place is best if you want to relax and spend your vacations peacefully.


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Tulum is a place full of natural reserves. It is converted into a luxury travel destination. Many tourists love this place and want to visit its coastline. Tulum is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Most people want to visit this place because of its nightlife. Full moon parties are the most famous parties in Tulum and many tourist visits to this place because of the full moon party.


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Playa del Carmen is just fifty-five minutes bus drive to Cancun’s international airport. So if you want to visit playa del carmen then you can easily visit this place by bus and explore the city. This place is famous for its beaches and they can easily be accessible. There are a lot of travel destinations you can visit to spend your holiday perfectly. It is a place where English is widely speaking and most of the tourists easily get Mexican taste food and other foods easily.


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is one of the largest cities in the world. It is famous for its arts and culture. It is one of the safest cities in the world and the cheapest too. If you want to explore the city which is full of historical sites then you should visit Mexico city. people who visit advice that you should at least spend a week to know about the culture, tradition, and food of the city.


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Cancun is a beautiful place located in southern Mexico. People who are interested to enjoy the underwater swimming and historical sites then he should visit Cancun. It is famous for its underwater museum. It is also famous for its beaches and people love to visit this place.

Mexico is in the list of the most travel destination and it is a beautiful country with its unique and different culture. If you want to visit this place in a limited budget then you can take a cheap flight to Mexico and spend your money on the sites, foods and tourist destinations.

Mistakes to avoid while traveling to Mexico City

Being a Torontonian, we are often confused and much harassed about the security of their own and there are many other things that they think in a wrong way. However, as Mexico is one of the world’s best tourist destination, either we are Torontonian or a citizen of any other state, we love and really want to book Flights to Mexico City from Toronto and other parts where we live.

To ease your concerns, here I have brought you a list of mistakes to avoid while booking flights to Mexico City from Toronto and other places in order to enjoy your trip with complete zeal and to avoid any sort of inconvenience. So here is the list:

1. Not Booking Flights To Mexico City From Toronto Cause You Are Scared:

First of all, the last minute booking of the flights to Mexico City from Toronto is the biggest mistake you will ever made. Being a hot tourist destination, flights to Mexico City from Toronto are always expensive and when you book them at the very last minute, you get prices even higher. Therefore, whenever you visit the place, try to book flights to Mexico City from Toronto in advance. It will keep you safe from the last minute ambiance but also get you goof rates.


2. Not Eating Street Food as You May Think It is Contaminated:

Another thing that we decided while going in flights to Mexico City from Toronto is the hygiene of the food. We think that whatever is being sold on the streets is contaminated to be poor for health. However, the actual and real taste of Mexico City is hidden in these street foods where locals gather ingredients and make their best cultural recipes. Don’t eat much however don’t ever make any oath ever before your flights to Mexico City from Toronto to not eat from street stores as it would be a mistake.

3. Expecting peace and quiet while booking flights to Mexico City from Toronto:

Lastly, the biggest mistakes we make while planning the trip and looking forward to book our flights to Mexico City from Toronto is the search of peace and quiet. Remember, Mexico is a place that’s all about party. You should know that partying is never quite or alone. Therefore, you will not be able to find peace in the pubs, in the casinos, and on the beaches. The only peace and quiet you will get is back in your room at the hotel.

So, avoid making these three things and keep a note a long with you that you are going to enjoy each second of your trip to Mexico City from Toronto.

5 amazing foods you will only find on the streets of Mexico

When you got vacations, the first thing that you do is to make plans for spending time out with family. Some people prefer Mexico because of many reasons, it’s a cheap place and you will also get cheap flights to Mexico. Mexico has a rich culture and also famous for its cuisine. The best thing about Mexico is, it has the best street food that is full of healthy ingredients. Today, we are going to discuss the best street foods in Mexico that you should visit if you visit Mexico on these vacations.

Five amazing Mexican street foods

Here are the best and healthy street foods, these are as follow:


Tacos are the best and you can say the only street food that is famous worldwide. Most of the people may now it as a wrap that can be filled with their choice of veggies and all but in reality, it is different. The real tacos are filling with different parts of meat that you can select according to taste. Some adventurous people select the weirdest fillings like eyes, brain, and tongue, etc.

For veggie lovers, they can also find the vegetable filling in tacos with cheese, mushrooms, beans, and potatoes. The most famous form of tacos is al pastor because it is made of marinated pork meat that cooked traditionally on the spit. The idea came from the Lebanese feast.

Tacos on a plate with lime


This street food is made of corn dough dumpling that is used to serve in the morning and as evening’s snacks. The banana leave wrap is another option in it. The filling of this wrap is also different like some would like to add mole and for some, salsa with cooked chicken. It will be also found with rajas, it is a kind of strip of poblano chilies that add with onions and tomatoes.
It is also a party treat and can be used in different party places as an appetizer.

real mexican tamales


It is a special Mexican sandwich with the crispy bun. The filling of this sandwich is full of healthy veggies and meat. The one side of the bun fully covers with bean paste and the other one will be cover with mayonnaise. The filling is of meat, pickled jalapeños, tomato, and avocado.

mexican tortas

Sopes and Gorditas:

Mexico street food is often consisting of corns. This is another type of corn-based food in which sope is a corn disk and it is much thicker than a tortilla. The topping of this food is with cheese and beans. The Gorditas is also made of corn and it has a disk shape. The topping of it is the same but especially serve with salsa.

mexican gorditas


It is another kind of tacos but unlike them, tostadas are crispy. The making of tostadas is different as well, they can be baked and fried and then filled with lots of topping options. You can add seafood, different meat and altogether mixed up with cheese. Some people never forget to add salsa.
You can taste all these amazing food only by getting cheap flights to Mexico and enjoy quality time and food here.

mexican tostada

Some places to visit in Mexico City

There are lots of places to explore and do in Mexico City. It is a cutting edge and dynamic city with all the comforts nearby. A person on its trip would expect the history of its past as the most ancient capital city in the Americas.
Exploring Mexico City is not very much different from travelling to Paris, London, or some other incredible capital city of Europe. And for those who are living in the United States, it is so much affordable for them to explore this city by getting any of the cheap flights to Mexico City.

But, if you are a tourist and want to know what to do in Mexico City, then consider the followings:

Haciendo un viaje alrededor de los lugares de la ciudad

1. Ride the Double Decker Turibus

Jumping on and bouncing off the double decker turibus will give you an excellent view of the area, the history, and the most intriguing locations for you to investigate later. This is the reason that it is a standout amongst the best types of touring in Mexico City.

Mexico City is entirely gigantic, and this way there are four diverse meeting Turibus lines over the city, the essential visit through the core of the city, Polanco to the well off and modern areas, the southern circuit to Coayacan, and a short Basilica visit.

2. Museo Soumaya a great place

Museo Soumay is another one of the places to visit in Mexico City. The best part of this place is that it is free all the time. You don’t need to buy any ticket to explore this place.

This museum is considered the most visited museum in Mexico City. The reason behind this is you will find here the masterpieces of Dali, Rodin and many other international artists.

Un lugar dulce en El Moro

3. Eat Churros in El Moro a sweet places

If you are in Mexico and did not try Churros in El Moro, then you have done nothing in this city. Churros is the traditional food of Mexico which contains fried bread covered with cinnamon and sugar. It is most delicious Mexican treat that you would ever have tried.

Well, above has described some of the things to do in Mexico. Consider all of them and book any of the flights to Mexico City this year.