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What are the best beaches to visit in Mexico?

Only finding out the cheap flights to Mexico is not enough, you must research well for must visiting places of Mexico. If you love to visit beaches and feeling confused which beaches are best to visit, continue to read the article because we have made the list of must seeing beaches of Mexico.

What are the best beaches to visit in Mexico?

Here is a list of the best beaches to visit in Mexico that someone shouldn’t miss.

Tulum beach, Maxico

No beach can give you better experience than choosing Tulum. This beach is easy to reach by Cancun because it has only 90 minutes away from Cancun. At this beach, you will find everything including restaurants, small boutique hotels. You can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere along with your family. If you are willing to visit the entire town, don’t forget to rent bikes that are available to this beach.

Akumal beach Mexico

Akumal Beach

If you are in the search of the best beaches in Mexico, Akumal Beach is the perfect choice. This beach is very famous because of its great atmosphere. Not only tourists are attracted towards this beach but this beach is also the favorite place of its locals. This beach is named as Place of Turtles.

Your children will become happy after visiting to this beach because here they can see the large beautiful turtles. Moreover, they will also become surprised by seeing the adventurous fish life. at this beach, you can find everything including bars, hotels and restaurants where you can spend memorable time with your family.

Playa del Carmen

This beach is almost 35 miles away from Cancun and is still the best beach to visit. Here, people can easily find the sophisticated residents there and this is the main reason why visitors prefer to visit this place. According to tourists, you can find everything because this beach is full of facilities.


Sayulita is the fantastic beach to have a most joy able time with your family. This beach is just perfect for the leisure time and for getting enough relaxation. This beach is full of natural beauty which is the source of getting peace of mind.


If you are at Mexico, don’t forget to visit these beaches. These beaches have almost everything someone may need for happiness and joy. You should take your family and children with you at these beaches to enjoy the most memorable time.