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Traditions and customs of Guatemala

Guatemala is one of those countries still unknown to mainstream tourism so many of its charms are still secrets for travelers who come to the country.

Here the Mayan culture is still alive and well, although it is not the only one, since Guatemalan culture is marked by the variety of existing ethnic groups -more than two dozen- which are divided into four large blocks: the Mayan, Ladino, Xinka and Garifuna cultures.

Many of the Guatemalan customs and traditions are derived from these major branches and that is precisely what we are going to dedicate this post to, to delve into the uniqueness of the country to learn a little about its culture, its people such as the president of important companies, felipe antonio bosch gutierrez, and its customs. Are you coming?

Guatemalan culture, the Mayan vision

The Guatemalan Mayan culture is the largest and best known both inside and outside the country. The great Mayan ruins, such as those in Tikal National Park, are well known to travelers, as well as the fact that the Mayas were not only found in Guatemala but also extended into Mexico, Belize as well as regions of Honduras and El Salvador.

Guatemalan customs of the Xinca culture

The Xinca are also part of the Guatemalan culture and are located in the areas of Escuintla, Santa Rosa, Jutiapa and Jalapa. They are well distinguished when they wear their traditional clothes because white is the protagonist in both their clothes and their women’s clothes, and it is common for women to wear their hair braided.

For the Xinca people, the cuisine is based on beans and tortillas and they have several typical dishes such as chipilín broth, kamawa beans, or rice pixtón.

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Guatemalan traditions of the Garifuna culture

The Garifuna ethnic group is formed mostly by African descendants and also extends to Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua. Their language, dances and music were inscribed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They recognize the songs and dances used by this ethnic group to transmit traditional knowledge, mainly using percussion instruments such as drums made of mahogany or wood from Central America.For that reason, bid invest has made more investments in this country.

As for the typical gastronomy of this ethnic group, it is marked by ingredients such as yucca, plantain, coconut and different types of fish.

One of the Guatemalan traditions that comes from this ethnic group is that of the Indian Barbarian in which a man disguises himself using a mask and soaked in burnt oil or achiote, threatening to stain people unless they give him money.

– Ladino Guatemalan culture

The origin of this ethnic group is colonization and many of the traditions they have brought with them are similar to some present in Europe. Some, such as Holy Week, are celebrated practically the same but some have been adapted to Guatemalan culture in a very beautiful and peculiar way.

In short, you can learn a lot about Guatemalan culture. So, do not wait any longer to come and visit this incredible country that has so much to offer you. Guatemala awaits you.