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Traditional Mexican meals you should try once in a life

Are you a food lover? You must visit Mexico for its traditional food. Have a food trip in Mexico. To make your journey budget-friendly, you need to reduce your traveling expenses. Yes, you must prefer to book Montreal to Cancun flights

From the jumbo-sized strawberry margaritas to complimentary salsa and chips, it isn’t very easy to avoid eating Mexican food. Mexican cuisine is full of variety in terms of taste and aroma. About 9000 years ago, Mexican Cuisine was introduced to the world. It was the time when agricultural communities like domesticating maize and Maya formed, and these were establishing their foodways. Obviously, the Mexican cuisine is rich in taste and variety as well as it is very easy and simple to prepare. Restaurants in other countries are not offering an exact taste which Mexican food contains. So, you need to visit Mexico. If you are already in Mexico, then you should taste some of the traditional dishes.

  1. Chilaquiles

It is the food that is good to start your day off. It is a wonderful dish for breakfast that has sour cream, cheese, sliced onions and pulled chicken for topping. The red or green salsa spicy and light fried corn tortillas are used.

This dish is well known for breakfast. You will like it because of the corn tortillas that local people fry and cut into quarters. They top it with the red salsa or green salsa. They use to include eggs and chicken in the wake of singing or scrambling to the dish. They use to add solid frijoles to the dish. This is one of the awesome dishes that you can get toward the beginning of the day time at each conventional café.


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  1. Esquites

It is one of the most common snacks. You will love eating this simple street snack. It is a cup of fresh and hot removed from the cob. These corns are seasoned with the lime juice, salt, mayonnaise and spices. You can eat this meal with a spoon. It is served in the disposable cups.

  1. Mole

One of the most famous sauces all over Mexico but in different areas the taste is different from each other. It is not simple to prepare the sauce because it contains almost 20 ingredients like chocolate, chilli pepper, garlic and tomatoes. You will notice a variety of flavors and colors of this food. On the hearty meat, this sauce is poured. Locals use chicken or turkey for meat. You must try this food at least once on your trip.


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  1. Mexican rice

In Mexico, rice is a staple. Rice is the food that is equally desired in all the areas of this world. The majority of the people like rice and there is a wide variety of dishes that can be prepared with it. There many easy rice recipes for the people of all ages. It has the flavor of garlic, tomato sauce, chicken broth and many more.

Do not miss this opportunity to taste the traditional dishes if you are already in the country. These are highly famous for its traditional taste.