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Famous competitions that are arranged in Mexico

Mexico is one of the favorite tourist spots. The mix of ancient, rural and modern culture is extremely impressive and makes it one of the most attractive and unique countries in America. Competitions are an essential part of Mexican culture. Native peoples have practiced traditional sports, such as hot pepper competition, charreria, etc. for hundreds of years. In recent times, team sports such as baseball and football have also become one of the most popular pastimes, and Mexico has proven itself in producing champions for international competitions. If you want to participate or enjoy these competitions, book Puerto Vallarta cheap flights now


  1. Spill the beans

 Spill the beans imposing one of the minutes to win it a game. Fill a jar with beans and cut a small hole on the top. Then set your timer and everyone should try to get rid of as many beans as possible in a jar in one minute. The participants may get 4 to 6 beans. You can change this a bit depending on the size of the hole in the jar . Just make sure you put enough beans in the jar to spend a full minute.

  1. Hot chili pepper competition

Hot pepper competition is one of the best competitions in Mexico and is good for you if you love to eat peppers. Put different peppers on each plate and arrange these peppers from mildest to the hottest peppers. Some suggestions for peppers are habanera, jalapeños, serrano, poblano, etc. Make sure to have rubber gloves for players, and some peppers are known to be spicy. You also don’t want to leave any juice in your hands after the competition, as it can minute get to your eyes.

  1. Taekwondo

Sports are rooted in the rich traditions and records of Mexico.  It is very brilliant; however, Mexicans are very close to this form of Korean martial art. With Korean expats choosing to settle in Mexico, it became more effective at some point that their local fighting styles became one of the most popular sports in Mexico. There are approximately 3,500 taekwondo schools in Mexico that produce taekwondo practitioners and medalists as Maria Espinosa.

MarIA Espinosa taekwondo

  1. Charrería

Charrería is a national sport in Mexico, similar to Rodeo America. This modest equestrian event has mainly evolved from farm work activities in old Mexico. Today, Charrería has many events that involve both horses and cattle. Charros presents his ties and horse-riding skills in traditional charro outfits, often accompanied by a group of live mariachis. The winners of the Charrería receive no cash reward.

  1. Macho nacho

In this game, divide the players into pairs. One person is the eater and stand in front of their nachos plate with the hands behind their back. The other player serves as arms of the eater. The team that finishes their bowl first is the winner. Keep in mind that this game is very messy, but it’s all about fun.

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