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What makes Merida the most beautiful place in the world

Have you heard about Merida before? We hope, you have heard! Because Merida is the most famous city of Mexico because of its beauty. You wouldn’t believe, Merida has declared at the top list of the must visiting places. People usually prefer to visit Merida because of its of its old colonial charm.

What makes Merida the most beautiful place in the world?

This city has strong trade connections with the Europe. This city is named as white city because wearing the white garments is their tradition. Merida is not the favorite city of tourists but many locals have declared that Merida has a lot to do and people enjoy many activities there.

Merida yucatan


Historic Plaza Mayor (Plaza Grande) is the beautiful place of Merida

Merida is full of beautiful places and Historic Plaza Mayor is one of them. It is referred as the cultural and commercial hub of Merida. If you are at Merida, don’t forget to visit these beautiful places. If you are curious to have a walking tour of the entire city, this place is just perfect to take a start. Listen! This is considered as the most important building of Merida that someone should not miss to visit if he is at Merida and wishes to see all the beautiful and worth-seeing places of Merida.

Merida is the safest city to enjoy everything

People usually prefer to visit Merida because they know; they can enjoy everything and every activity there in the comfortable and safe environment. You can take the free walking tour of Merida to make your tour enjoyable and memorable. This tour is almost 90 miles long but we suggest you to must take this tour if you are serious about seeing the beauty of Merida and wish to get the beautiful feel of this great city.

The Paseo Montejo Merida

The Paseo Montejo Merida is the most beautiful place to visit there because it was the house of the sisal kings that was equipped with the Parisian architects. Not only this house, its streets, buildings and offices are also worth seeing. Don’t forget to see this beautiful glory if you are at Merida.

You must research for the cheap flights to Mexico to spend enjoyable time there. We hope, you have now understood that why Merida is worth seeing and why you should not miss it.