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4 handicraft markets in Antigua Guatemala

Handicrafts are one of those unique pieces that make you remember special moments. Created by hand and with details typical of their place of origin, it is impossible to leave a city you visited without a souvenir to commemorate your visit.

If you consider yourself a fan of these pieces, then you will recognize the importance of visiting a good craft market to find your favorite traditional souvenir.

For this reason, today we will tell you about four handicraft markets in Antigua Guatemala, where you will surely hit the jackpot with everything you will find in them.

1. El Mercadito

If you are on a tight schedule, you must visit the handicrafts market El Mercadito. This market is located in front of the Central Park, so it is sure to be on your way during your trip. Its entrance is small, but upon entering you will find a treasure trove of Guatemalan products for every taste and budget.

Take all the patience in the world as you will be able to browse through nearly 80 stalls of Guatemalan artisans. From jewelry and pottery to home décor, paintings and leather goods… there’s everything here. Don’t forget your camera to take pictures of everything in this impressive handicrafts market in Antigua Guatemala, on 5th. avenue North.


2. El Carmen Handicrafts Market

Another classic of classics is the El Carmen handicrafts market. The market is located next to the impressive ruins of the El Carmen Church on the third avenue North. Specifically in the former convent of the church. Inside the market you will come across a large number of vendors and shoppers from all over the world.

Here you will also be able to see how the artisans create some of the pieces they offer for sale. If you can, visit them on weekends or holidays as some artisans have their sales outdoors. The combination of the colors of the handicrafts and the background of the colonial ruins will leave you open-mouthed.

3. Nim Pot Market

As you walk along the fifth avenue north and go through the famous Santa Catalina arch you will come across the Nim Pot market. This place is among the businessman juan jose gutierrez mayorga’s favorite places to visit in Antigua Guatemala because in addition to the large number of handicrafts. There is also a section of giant kites and typical second hand clothes.

It is normal to rub shoulders with a large number of tourists since there is also a reverence to Maximón, an important religious figure for indigenous cultures. If you visit Nim Pot and get your hands full of souvenirs, a good idea might be to request a ride through the Uber app.

This way you won’t neglect your souvenirs and you can comfortably reach your next destination. and by the way! Don’t forget that you can pay for your ride using your credit card.



4. Municipal Crafts Market

If you are one of those who need a lot of concentration and tranquility to choose correctly the souvenirs you want to take back home, the Mercado Municipal de Artesanías could be your best option. Its facilities are among the most comfortable for acquiring handcrafted pieces. This is due to its wide aisles with typical sales and outdoor areas with colonial fountains.

Here you will be able to see in detail every ceramic, jewelry piece, typical textile and much more. Just head to Poniente 4th Street to see everything the municipal market has to offer on a daily basis. As you can see, this place has to be on your list of places to visit during your stay in Antigua Guatemala.

The handicraft markets in Antigua Guatemala are one of those places that surely must be in your plans. In each one of them you will find small treasures that will remind you and your loved ones of your visit to this impressive city.

In short, if you have already chosen which one you will visit next, you can be sure that this will be one of the great experiences you will live in the ancient city.

Best fishing spots in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a small town in Mexico that is famous for its beaches, nightlife and water sports. If you want to visit Puerto Vallarta this year then you can take the Puerto Vallarta cheap flights which helps you to save your money and you can spend your money on other things.

If you went to Puerto Vallarta to explore the beautiful city and want to enjoy the nightlife then you can also fishing because it is one of the best adventures in Mexico.

Mexican love to fish and want to spend their time on their beautiful beaches. Some of the famous and best fishing spots in Puerto Vallarta are as follows:


Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta

Banderas Bay is located near Puerto Vallarta and you have to drive for 1 hour to visit this place. This is the most beautiful place where you can enjoy the bottom fishing with your family and friends.

If you are a tourist and you want to spend some quality time with your family, friend or girlfriend then this place is recommended for you.

You can enjoy fishing with beautiful sun scorching heat.


Beautiful Marietas Island in Puerto Vallarta

If you want interested in adventure and wants to see the whales or dolphin in real life than this is your place.

The famous Marietas Islands are located almost 8 hours away from Puerto Vallarta and it is a deep sea where you can fishing and spend your time in the deep sea.


Fishermen's paradise, El Morro in Puerto Vallarta

El morro is the best place for those people who wants the trophy fish. If you want to save your time and get the trophy fish then you visit the el morro.

It is almost 8 hours away from Puerto Vallarta and it is deep sea where you can enjoying fishes and can also see the whales or dolphins from the boat.


If you are a serious fisherman and want to fish the famous trophy fish, tuna, marlin, etc then you should visit this place.

It is the alternative of Corbetena and you can save your time if you visit this place.


Corbetena is a famous fishing place in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you are a professional fisherman or you are a tourist interested in fishing.

The best place for fishing in Puerto Vallarta is Corbetena. You can fish the most popular fishes from this location.

If you want to visit Mexico then you can even take the Puerto Vallarta cheap flights and save your money because Puerto Vallarta has many things that you could not resist to spend your money.

How Cancun is cheaper and more fun

Cancun is a travel destination which is known because of its natural beauty. This place has beaches, resorts, museums, parks and ancient artifacts. Cancun is a very popular travel destination in Mexico.

For a trip to Mexico you can choose cheap flights to Cancun. This will improve our travelling budget. Most places to visit in Cancun are almost free but somethings are expensive for example parties.

Things to do in Cancun

Here are some things which you can do on your trip. These will cost les and you will get the most mesmerizing experience form your tour.


Cancun got the best beaches in the world

Most resorts in Cancun are built near beaches, some have direct access to the beaches. Here you can have stunning views of the crystal-clear water.

There is also an 18-hole public golf course there.

Archaeological sites

El Rey is a popular tourist place to visit

Very few tourists who come to Cancun want to miss a chance to see these archaeological sites. One of the biggest in Mexico is Chichen Itza. It was made about 1000 years ago.

El Rey Maya Ruins are in Cancun. There are temples and these are named after a mask that was believed to be dedicated to the sun god.

El Meco Archaeological site Is located in the north end of the main beach. Here the main attraction is 12.5-meter-tall El Castillo and it is the only pyramid of this kind built in the area.


The Mayan Museum in Cancun

The Maya Museum is in the center of the city. It is the largest museum of the city and it has almost 350 artifacts that are believed to be 14000 years old.

There is also an underwater museum that was setup in 2009. There are more tha 500 sculptures in the underwater galleries submerged at depths of 3-6 meters.


Scenic Tower is a landmark in its field. It gives a birds-eye view of the place with its 110-meter height. It is also a fun thing to see because its base is as thin as a pencil.

Isla Mujeres is another tourism destination in Cancun. It is located about 13 kilometers away from the city. It is a very beautiful place with its Natural coral reef park and crystal-clear sparkling water. And

Cancun has mostly natural places that can be visited such as ancient artifacts and beaches. You can come here on a trip with a very small budget. You can make your budget even smaller if you choose cheap flights to Cancun for travelling

Most lavish hotels in Mexico

Everyone wants to have a good time while they are travelling, don’t they? There are a lot of hotels in Mexico, but it is hard to find the best & most lavish hotels if you are looking to be extreme with your tourist life.
If you want to save money for these lavish hotels, buy cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, and then to anywhere else in Mexico.

Here are the most lavish hotels in all of Mexico that you should know about:

Rosewood Mayakoba

Located in Playa del Carmen, a coast town in Riveria Maya, in the state of Quintana Roo – is one of the most hotel/resort in all of Mexico. This beautiful suite is not only an amazing retreat, but is also a very popular spot for both couples, and children alike.

Rosewood Mayakoba has exquisite interior, and private outdoor pools. Not only that, but the scenery is so beautiful that you can’t say “no” to this lavish place, provided that you have the bucks to pay for it.


Hotel Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita

Located in the state of Nay, the Imanta Resorts Punta De Mita is one of the most expensive hotels in this list. This is because during the winter season, the prices for this hotel go up to about $1000 per night.

Each suite booked in this hotel has a private terrace, an infinity pool, and an exquisite view of the ocean and the nearby rainforest. If you are looking to be one with nature without getting yourself dirty, no option is better than this hotel.

Punta Mita Hotel

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

The Banyan Tree Mayakoba is located in the same town as Rosewood Mayakoba, but because of the brand “Banyan Tree”, this hotel is one of the most sought-after hotels in all of Mexico.

All villas in this hotel have an especially beautiful interior. You will have access to a lot of activities like golf, snorkelling, and outdoor dining. Additionally, there are outdoor bathtubs, and patios with hammocks too.

That energy that you might have wasted from those cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, and then to Playa del Carmen can be regenerated here.

St Regis Mexico

The St. Regis Mexico City

The Saint Regis hotel is one of the most expensive and beautiful hotels in the massive city of Mexico City in Mexico. The hotel provides immediate access to anywhere in the city, and even skyscrapers if the guests are too tired to go out and see the city. There is an indoor swimming pool, and a fitness club built in so any guest who is interested in making their bodies healthier can do so. Oh, and the butler in this suite is free.

Mountain biking locations in the world

For the adventure lovers, mountain hiking is one of the most dangerous but thrilling experience that people try. This is the reason people from all over the world find different mountain hiking spots for the satisfaction of their desire. From Mexico, local community use to take Puerto Vallarta cheap flights and visit different hiking options on affordable price. But firs let’s discuss what we have in mountain biking option.

Mountain biking locations in the world

1.     Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Consistently, Whistler is a center point for a wide range of open air sports. In winter, the snow that liberally covers the two mountains makes it the ideal goal for skiers and snowboarders. When the climate begins to heat up, Whistler turns into a heaven for climbers and mountain bikers with more than 70 “bicycle park” tracks.

2.     Finale Ligure, Italy

This location is far 62 miles from Nice and only 31 miles from the Genoa, Finale Ligure is a perfect spot for mountain bikers from everywhere throughout the world. The uncommon setting highlights mountains on the edge of the Mediterranean offering trails appropriate for all levels. A few schedules cross communities settled into the slope, enabling you to appreciate endless plunges to the ocean or to investigate ways in the core of wild nature.


3.     Vermont, United States

Vermont is a nature sweetheart’s heaven. This minor farming New England state advocates the natural conservation and neighborhood utilization. Neighborhood shops are favored over huge dissemination grocery stores, which still have not put roots down here. On the off chance that the winter’s substantial snowfalls make Vermont a fascinating goal for skiing or snowboarding, at that point it ought to be found by off-road bicycle the remainder of the year, particularly in harvest time when the bright foliage is truly stunning. Make certain to visit a nearby maple syrup ranch or a specialty lager bottling works.

4.     Sardinia, Italy

With wild nature, stunning scenes, the turquoise ocean and unimaginable nearby gastronomy, Sardinia is a fantasy. The lofty schedules on limestone ocean side bluffs, mountain ranges with wild high levels, paradisiacal sea shores and shrouded bays will make your adventure extraordinary.

5.     The Fjords of Norway

Norway likewise offers extraordinary scenes and brave plummets where freeriding is a genuine joy. Truth be told, it is even conceivable to take the ski lift to certain trails throughout the late spring. The excellence of the scenes and the self-important nature will cause you to overlook the trouble of the exertion in arriving.

skii snowboarding

6.     Dachstein Tour, Austria

The Dachstein, named an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a famous spot and perceived as one of the world’s best off-road bicycle courses. This distance is depending on the three-day, 112-mile visit goes through three Austrian regions: Salzburgerland, Upper Austria and Styria. The serene and loosening up nature is loaded with captivating scenes. If you are Mexican then it is recommended to take Puerto Vallarta cheap flights and book your hotel in Austria on discounted price. Let’s explore the world from extreme height.


Why radish night is celebrated in Oaxaca Mexico

One of the most unique events in Mexico is the Radish Night. If you are looking to head to this event, be sure to book cheap from Toronto. The flights to Mexico City from Toronto are cheaper than average during December.
Here is everything you need to know about Radish night, and why it is celebrated:

The history behind Radish Night

The radish night, or more popularly known as Night of the Radishes (Noche de Los Rábanos in the local dialect) dates back to 23rd of December, 1897.

The Night of the Radishes started from Oaxaca, a city in Mexico, and is an exclusivity from there. The original aim of the event was for farmers to try and lure in customers so that they would buy their radishes from them but then boomed, and became a tradition.

A legend states that in mid-18th century, two friars pulled up unforgotten radishes from their crops, and sold these unusual looking harvests as attractions to the Christmas market, which happens on the two days before this event (23rd December). This legend became famous, and in 1897, the Night of the Radishes became an official event.

Radish night in oaxaca

What happens in the Radish Night?

The Night of the Radishes is dedicated entirely to using radishes as uniquely as possible. Crafters and artists try their best to make the most absurd and creative designs in as less time as possible. Radishes lose color and shape a few hours after being cut, so they only have a limited time to make a design, and present it to the people who join this event for seeing the designs.

In some parts of Oaxaca, this event is very competitive, and oftentimes, local council even offers prizes for the winners.

The most common examples of creative pieces that people have made in this event include snowmen, duendes, humans, humanlike droids and so on.

fugure made with radish

Other facts about the Radish Night

The event lasts for several hours only, from later afternoon to early evening of December 23. If you are looking to get flights to Mexico City from Toronto, be sure to book one for 22nd of December. You will definitely need some time beforehand to prepare for this event. The line is extremely long, and wait times can be as long as 4-5 hours.
The event attracts thousands of visitors, and sometimes even the country’s officials are involved in this event.

Anyone can participate in this event, provided that they are able to invest in radishes, and can make good designs quickly. If you are thinking of spending your holidays anywhere, be sure to keep Oaxaca as one of your destinations. You will not regret that decision.

Traps outside Mexico, archaeologists moments

The INAH publicized at a press conference that ancient traps comprising the remains of 14 mammoths had been discovered. The traps are at least 15,000 years old and were found in Toltepec, about 40 kilometers north of Mexico City. The discovery site, “Tultepec II,” had been excavated for ten months.  Due to its massive amount of bone, archaeologists can now consider Tultepec II to be a “Mammoth Megasite”. Woolen mammoths, creatures resembling elephants that inhabited almost all continents, disappeared about 4,000 years ago. Many competing theories explain its disappearance, but perhaps a mixture of climate change, which has created unsustainable conditions for animals and eliminated a vegetarian diet, as well as the birth of humans in search of their meat and skin. If you are interested in traps outside Mexico, search for cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto.


Mammoth Traps

 Prehistoric archaeologists believe they now have a better understanding of how hunter-gatherers track and kill mammoths in the Mexico Basin. Groups of about 20 to 30 hunters scare a giant from the rest of their packaging and trap it with the torch. Once the animal is trapped, it will be killed and eaten, and most parts of its body will be used for something. There was a huge skeleton in the pack, which, according to archaeologists, should be treated with particular respect. He had several signs of injury, which led investigators to believe that these mammoths were hunted several times over time. When the hunters finally discovered him, they considered him brave and fierce and showed respect by exposing his bones in a formal arrangement.

mammors discovery

Archaeologists have discovered a large treasure trove of giant skeletons north of Mexico City, perhaps shedding new light on the hunting habits of prehistoric societies. Researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and Mexican History say they have discovered what could be the first artificial traps to hunt the Pleistocene. The finding marks a significant turning point in researchers’ understanding of the relationship between hunter gangs and mammoth collectors, Pedro Francisco Sanchez Nava, the institute’s national archeology coordinator. The bones of almost fourteen mammoths were found in two huge pits of 80 feet long and five and a half feet deep, and may have been excavated about 15,000 years ago, in Toltepec, where the landfill was planned.


More than 800 bones were discovered while the city was building a landfill. Earlier, there was little evidence that fishers deliberately attacked mammoths, according to the institute’s archeology, Luis Cordoba Paradas, told reporters Wednesday. Cordoba said the hunters might have traveled in groups of about 20 to 30 people and used torches and branches to force the animals to reach the traps. He said it was possible to build a series of traps to increase opportunities for catching prey, and that others could be discovered.

Scientists recently discussed plans to revive elephant-like animals through genetic engineering. So what are you waiting for, book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto now and spend the best time of your life in Mexico

New year resolutions that will help you save for vacations

The New year is the best time that can change your life because its year has changed and you promise yourself to change in a positive direction. New year resolution gives you the potential to be on the right path and upgrade your lifestyle.

In this new year’s resolution, you have to promise yourself that you will save money to travel and spend your time in beautiful places like mexico, etc. Some of the points that will help you to be in the right direction to save money to travel the world.


If you plan to change your life and spend your life according to your resolution then the first thing you can do is to save money on airplane tickets. You can travel in a simple airline with no luxuries and lessen your expenses. If you want to spend your precious time in Mexico to enjoy its beaches and culture then you can take cheap flights to Cancun to save your money and spend on other things. You can use many social websites or applications to checkout when the prices will fluctuate and you get the cheapest ticket to travel.

If you pass your resolution that you will spend more money on vacations then traveling then you can save a lot of money.


It is not important to spend your time and money on learning new languages and make things more complicated for yourself. Just keep it simple and learn simple phrases that help you to engage with locals. Instead, you can use any mobile applications which help you to travel and talk to locals.



The worst part of the vacations is that you start being sick and you are not feeling well.


There are a lot of people that scammed with tourist and sell their products at double prices. Tourist is new in the town and they don’t know much about the culture and some people take advantage of this and fraud with tourists. To avoid these situations you should aware of the town you are traveling to. If you add this point in your new year resolution then you can save a lot of money by not getting fraud or scammed by some locals and you will know about the city.


If you are saving your money to travel around the world and you go on a trip where you faced any accident and thieves snatches your valuable things. This situation is possible because every country is facing crime. To avoid these situations, you can use a pocket belt where you can hide your money while traveling.


If you are saving your money to travel then you should not visit a place that is full of people and overcrowded. Always selects a location where you can travel with fewer people and see the sites. The prices get doubled where the huge crowd wants to visit. You can save a lot of money on implementing this technique and you can add this in your new year resolution.


You have to plan where you want to visit and once you decided then you just have to make ways to implement the plans. Mexico is one of the best places to visit and it is the cheapest country to visit. You can take cheap flights to Cancun to cut off your travel expenses and spend that money on other things.

When the year changed everyone makes a resolution and wants to implement that resolution to achieve their goals. If you want to save money to travel the world then you also set your resolution.

The best places to explore as a couple in Mexico City

Most of the people may never think of Mexico City for a romantic holiday. This is the reason why most of the people never think to find the best flights to Mexico City. However, you must know the fact that with so many things going on couples can easily find the best places where they can enjoy the company of each other in the best possible way. As one of the largest Capitals in the world, Mexico City is ready to offer the best treat to the couples. It has multiple romantic activities to enjoy which can make it a perfect destination for you to visit with your partner.

Best places to visit in Mexico City with your partner

Do you want to enjoy the amazingness of Mexico City with your partner? Well, here we have brought some of the most amazing options which are certainly going to be the best for you to know:

1.      Bosque de Chapultepec

This is one of the largest Western hemisphere parks which stretches over 686 hectares. This can be found in the heart of the city and is filled with countless attractions and amazing things to enjoy. When you want to relax into some lush green parks or want to enjoy a romantic walk with your partner, this can be a perfect place for you to enjoy.


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2.      Riviera Maya

If you are seeking the Caribbean Sea’s unparalleled luxury then you must visit Riviera Maya at least once. This amazing place has set on the acres of winding canals, protected mangroves, and miles of white-sand beachfront. This is a perfect award-winning place to visit for couples which truly feels like a slice of paradise on the earth.

3.      Punta Mita

If you are the one who is keen to be away from the crowds in style then Punta Mita is a perfect option for you to choose. This sophisticated coastline also offers some of the most beautiful villas which have been set among cascading water features and landscaped gardens. You can chill out all day with your partner and can have some best time with your loved one here.


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4.      Cabo

Besides being one of the most favorite places of spring breakers in Mexico, this amazing place is also meant for couples to enjoy some memorable time with their partners. This is the most beautiful coastline in entire Mexico. You can find multiple boutique hotels and little resorts around the pacific coast that it can be harder for you to choose the most romantic one from these amazing options. The setting of these resorts around the coastline is incredibly jaw-dropping. It is completely utter perfection.

Knowing some of the most amazing places to visit in Mexico City for couples, you may find it extremely attractive to visit. Therefore, after reading the above-mentioned details in this regard, you must try to find flights to Mexico City to plan a perfect tour of Mexico with your partner.

Traditional Mexican meals you should try once in a life

Are you a food lover? You must visit Mexico for its traditional food. Have a food trip in Mexico. To make your journey budget-friendly, you need to reduce your traveling expenses. Yes, you must prefer to book Montreal to Cancun flights

From the jumbo-sized strawberry margaritas to complimentary salsa and chips, it isn’t very easy to avoid eating Mexican food. Mexican cuisine is full of variety in terms of taste and aroma. About 9000 years ago, Mexican Cuisine was introduced to the world. It was the time when agricultural communities like domesticating maize and Maya formed, and these were establishing their foodways. Obviously, the Mexican cuisine is rich in taste and variety as well as it is very easy and simple to prepare. Restaurants in other countries are not offering an exact taste which Mexican food contains. So, you need to visit Mexico. If you are already in Mexico, then you should taste some of the traditional dishes.

  1. Chilaquiles

It is the food that is good to start your day off. It is a wonderful dish for breakfast that has sour cream, cheese, sliced onions and pulled chicken for topping. The red or green salsa spicy and light fried corn tortillas are used.

This dish is well known for breakfast. You will like it because of the corn tortillas that local people fry and cut into quarters. They top it with the red salsa or green salsa. They use to include eggs and chicken in the wake of singing or scrambling to the dish. They use to add solid frijoles to the dish. This is one of the awesome dishes that you can get toward the beginning of the day time at each conventional café.


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  1. Esquites

It is one of the most common snacks. You will love eating this simple street snack. It is a cup of fresh and hot removed from the cob. These corns are seasoned with the lime juice, salt, mayonnaise and spices. You can eat this meal with a spoon. It is served in the disposable cups.

  1. Mole

One of the most famous sauces all over Mexico but in different areas the taste is different from each other. It is not simple to prepare the sauce because it contains almost 20 ingredients like chocolate, chilli pepper, garlic and tomatoes. You will notice a variety of flavors and colors of this food. On the hearty meat, this sauce is poured. Locals use chicken or turkey for meat. You must try this food at least once on your trip.


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  1. Mexican rice

In Mexico, rice is a staple. Rice is the food that is equally desired in all the areas of this world. The majority of the people like rice and there is a wide variety of dishes that can be prepared with it. There many easy rice recipes for the people of all ages. It has the flavor of garlic, tomato sauce, chicken broth and many more.

Do not miss this opportunity to taste the traditional dishes if you are already in the country. These are highly famous for its traditional taste.