top 5 to visit mexico


Mexico is the country located in the southern region of northern America. It is famous for its tradition and culture. If you are a food lover and you want to eat tasty food then Mexico is the perfect location you should visit. Many tourists from all over the world want to visit Mexico because of its holiday destination and its beautiful places. Mexico is the country suitable for all tourist and it is a pocket-friendly country. If you don’t want to spend much on the vacations and you want to travel in the normal budget then you can take a cheap flights to Mexico and live in a three-star hotel and enjoy the vacations. Some of the places that make Mexico more beautiful and tourist attracted country are as follows:


Many tourists want to visit Cozumel because of its beautiful clear water and soft sand. Cozumel coast is full of tourist and many tourists want to enjoy the weather. Tourists want to travel on a cruise ship to enjoy the pleasant weather and the color of the sea. If you love shopping then Cozumel is the best place you can do shopping. There are a lot of shopping centers along the coastline which is full of tourists.

If you are interested to visit the islands and enjoy the boat ride then you should hire a boat rider who guides you for fishing and helps you to explore new reefs along the coast. If you visit this place then you will know that this place is best if you want to relax and spend your vacations peacefully.


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Tulum is a place full of natural reserves. It is converted into a luxury travel destination. Many tourists love this place and want to visit its coastline. Tulum is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Most people want to visit this place because of its nightlife. Full moon parties are the most famous parties in Tulum and many tourist visits to this place because of the full moon party.


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Playa del Carmen is just fifty-five minutes bus drive to Cancun’s international airport. So if you want to visit playa del carmen then you can easily visit this place by bus and explore the city. This place is famous for its beaches and they can easily be accessible. There are a lot of travel destinations you can visit to spend your holiday perfectly. It is a place where English is widely speaking and most of the tourists easily get Mexican taste food and other foods easily.


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is one of the largest cities in the world. It is famous for its arts and culture. It is one of the safest cities in the world and the cheapest too. If you want to explore the city which is full of historical sites then you should visit Mexico city. people who visit advice that you should at least spend a week to know about the culture, tradition, and food of the city.


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Cancun is a beautiful place located in southern Mexico. People who are interested to enjoy the underwater swimming and historical sites then he should visit Cancun. It is famous for its underwater museum. It is also famous for its beaches and people love to visit this place.

Mexico is in the list of the most travel destination and it is a beautiful country with its unique and different culture. If you want to visit this place in a limited budget then you can take a cheap flight to Mexico and spend your money on the sites, foods and tourist destinations.