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Some places to visit in Mexico City

There are lots of places to explore and do in Mexico City. It is a cutting edge and dynamic city with all the comforts nearby. A person on its trip would expect the history of its past as the most ancient capital city in the Americas.
Exploring Mexico City is not very much different from travelling to Paris, London, or some other incredible capital city of Europe. And for those who are living in the United States, it is so much affordable for them to explore this city by getting any of the cheap flights to Mexico City.

But, if you are a tourist and want to know what to do in Mexico City, then consider the followings:

Haciendo un viaje alrededor de los lugares de la ciudad

1. Ride the Double Decker Turibus

Jumping on and bouncing off the double decker turibus will give you an excellent view of the area, the history, and the most intriguing locations for you to investigate later. This is the reason that it is a standout amongst the best types of touring in Mexico City.

Mexico City is entirely gigantic, and this way there are four diverse meeting Turibus lines over the city, the essential visit through the core of the city, Polanco to the well off and modern areas, the southern circuit to Coayacan, and a short Basilica visit.

2. Museo Soumaya a great place

Museo Soumay is another one of the places to visit in Mexico City. The best part of this place is that it is free all the time. You don’t need to buy any ticket to explore this place.

This museum is considered the most visited museum in Mexico City. The reason behind this is you will find here the masterpieces of Dali, Rodin and many other international artists.

Un lugar dulce en El Moro

3. Eat Churros in El Moro a sweet places

If you are in Mexico and did not try Churros in El Moro, then you have done nothing in this city. Churros is the traditional food of Mexico which contains fried bread covered with cinnamon and sugar. It is most delicious Mexican treat that you would ever have tried.

Well, above has described some of the things to do in Mexico. Consider all of them and book any of the flights to Mexico City this year.



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