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5 amazing foods you will only find on the streets of Mexico

When you got vacations, the first thing that you do is to make plans for spending time out with family. Some people prefer Mexico because of many reasons, it’s a cheap place and you will also get cheap flights to Mexico. Mexico has a rich culture and also famous for its cuisine. The best thing about Mexico is, it has the best street food that is full of healthy ingredients. Today, we are going to discuss the best street foods in Mexico that you should visit if you visit Mexico on these vacations.

Five amazing Mexican street foods

Here are the best and healthy street foods, these are as follow:


Tacos are the best and you can say the only street food that is famous worldwide. Most of the people may now it as a wrap that can be filled with their choice of veggies and all but in reality, it is different. The real tacos are filling with different parts of meat that you can select according to taste. Some adventurous people select the weirdest fillings like eyes, brain, and tongue, etc.

For veggie lovers, they can also find the vegetable filling in tacos with cheese, mushrooms, beans, and potatoes. The most famous form of tacos is al pastor because it is made of marinated pork meat that cooked traditionally on the spit. The idea came from the Lebanese feast.

Tacos on a plate with lime


This street food is made of corn dough dumpling that is used to serve in the morning and as evening’s snacks. The banana leave wrap is another option in it. The filling of this wrap is also different like some would like to add mole and for some, salsa with cooked chicken. It will be also found with rajas, it is a kind of strip of poblano chilies that add with onions and tomatoes.
It is also a party treat and can be used in different party places as an appetizer.

real mexican tamales


It is a special Mexican sandwich with the crispy bun. The filling of this sandwich is full of healthy veggies and meat. The one side of the bun fully covers with bean paste and the other one will be cover with mayonnaise. The filling is of meat, pickled jalapeños, tomato, and avocado.

mexican tortas

Sopes and Gorditas:

Mexico street food is often consisting of corns. This is another type of corn-based food in which sope is a corn disk and it is much thicker than a tortilla. The topping of this food is with cheese and beans. The Gorditas is also made of corn and it has a disk shape. The topping of it is the same but especially serve with salsa.

mexican gorditas


It is another kind of tacos but unlike them, tostadas are crispy. The making of tostadas is different as well, they can be baked and fried and then filled with lots of topping options. You can add seafood, different meat and altogether mixed up with cheese. Some people never forget to add salsa.
You can taste all these amazing food only by getting cheap flights to Mexico and enjoy quality time and food here.

mexican tostada

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