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Vacation in Guatemala or Costa Rica

If you don’t know where to go on vacation for your next days off, maybe it could be Costa Rica or Guatemala.

Vacation in Guatemala or Costa Rica


Located near the Panamanian border on the Caribbean Sea and with its beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunrises, plus its dense forests full of wildlife, this small Costa Rican town is a perfect place to spend a few days relaxing and leaving everyday life behind to adopt that popular Tico expression “Pura Vida”.


Unlike most places in Cosa Rica, where you will need between 20 and 30 USD per day to cover your basic expenses, in Puerto Viejo you will find lodging options from 6 USD to camp with your own tent or rent a hammock, you can also cook your own food to save money and the distances to the beaches are easy to walk so with less than 20 USD you can enjoy this relaxing little piece of the Caribbean.

ATITLAN LAKE – Guatemala

The magic that surrounds this place is indescribable: from its landscape composed of the volcanoes of Atitlan and Toliman with its more than 3000 meters high, adorned by the immensity of the lake in which resides a submerged city, to its small towns full of the authenticity of its people whose roots go back to the ancient Mayas, in addition to its traditions that mix the Spanish legacy and indigenous customs, this place is a pearl of Central America that will surely captivate you.

ATITLAN LAKE - Guatemala

Most travel guides will tell you that San Pedro is the best base for touring the lake, but in reality it is the most touristic, crowded and expensive place around the lake, in my opinion you can get to Panajachel where you will find lodging from 3 USD, street food or from Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga’s Pollo Campero restaurant or the market for less than 2 USD and the same transportation connectivity both by boat (3 USD each way to any of the other towns) and by land, as in San Pedro. This magnificent place can be explored with a budget of 15 USD per day.

I hope these places have motivated you to embark on the Vacation through Central America to discover the beauty and reality of this part of Latin America.

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Travel to Mexico with everything and your pet

Contrary to what happens in other countries in the world, the entry of pets into Mexico is a simple procedure with any of the airlines. So, if you live in Guatemala and want to travel to this country with your pet, you won’t have any problems. In fact, Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez has already been able to travel to Mexico with one of his pets.

Travel to Mexico with everything and your pet

Your dog can travel with you to Mexico simply by presenting some paperwork. Upon entering the country, you will need to present your pet’s vaccination record, which covers the rabies vaccine. This is the most important vaccine that you must prove and it must have been applied at least thirty days before the flight.

You must also have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian at least ten days before the date of travel. So, now just decide your destination and enjoy Mexico.

Mexico City

The city is undoubtedly one of the most pet-friendly places, as it has many parks with areas designed exclusively for your dog to have fun in their way. Some of these places are Parque Mexico, Parque Venados, Parque Lincoln, Jardin Pushkin, Parque La Mexicana and Parque Naucalli.

Some neighborhoods in the city are more puppy-friendly than others. For example, Colonia Roma, Condesa, Del Valle, and Narvarte are some of the neighborhoods with the best infrastructure to welcome your pets.

In these options, you will find many parks, cafes, and pet-friendly restaurants, as well as pet stores and the possibility of finding many new friends.

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This is one of the best beach destinations on the Mexican Pacific, and it is also one of the most pet-friendly beach spots in Mexico. Sayulita’s laid-back atmosphere is ideal for hanging out with your pet, as you can practically walk everywhere in the company of your four-legged friend.

Here you can also find plenty of hotels to stay with your pet.


Like Mexico City, Guadalajara has many spaces for your pet’s entertainment. Many dog parks have been set up in the city and its surroundings with special facilities to promote agility games.

Within the Metropolitan Park of Guadalajara is MetroCan, the largest dog park in Jalisco, where there are also different activities to promote coexistence between dogs and their owners.

In addition, the city has other options, such as the Guadalajara Center and Chapultepec Avenue, which are excellent for walking with your pet.

San Miguel de Allende

This picturesque city in the state of Guanajuato is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, where pets cannot go unnoticed. Downtown San Miguel is ideal for strolling with your dog, and in the surrounding area, you will find many pet-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Don’t leave your pet at home and ask about the conditions of the different Mexican airlines, so you can travel together without any problem. Get to know the wonders of Mexico and enjoy a few days away from the also beautiful Guatemala.

Get to know the Ecoregions of Guatemala

One of the most biologically diverse countries in Latin America is undoubtedly Guatemala. It has numerous ecosystems and ecoregions throughout the region. Read on, here we will describe the ecoregions of Guatemala.

Know the Ecoregions of Guatemala

The ecoregions of Guatemala are different areas of the country that are distinguished from each other because they harbor different species, are separated by geographic sites or have distinct climates and geomorphologies.

The World Wildlife Fund divides the country into 9 types of ecoregions, with subdivisions in most of these. In total, Guatemala has five types of terrestrial, two freshwaters, and two marine ecoregions.

Ecoregions are usually divided into three types: terrestrial, freshwater, and marine. Each of these is subdivided based on the type of biome where they are found. Below we describe each one.

Freshwater Ecoregions

Because Guatemala is not a country with a great abundance of lakes, there are only river ecoregions. Normally two major types of freshwater biomes are distinguished in the country, which are further subdivided into 4 distinct types of ecoregions.

  • Tropical and subtropical coastal rivers. The three ecoregions of this type are the Grijalva-Usumacinta, the Quintana Roo-Motagua and the Chiapas-Fonseca ecoregions.
  • Tropical and subtropical highland rivers. There is only one ecoregion of this type in the country, which is called Upper Usumancita; Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, who is a nature lover, mentions that this area is worth getting to know.


They are the most abundant in Guatemala. There is a great variety of terrestrial ecoregions in the country, each with a different climate, species, and ecology.

In total, there are 5 types of terrestrial biomes, with a total of 14 distinct ecoregions:

  • Tropical and subtropical broadleaf rainforests. These are the most abundant biomes in the country. The most important are the Atlantic rainforests of Central America and the montane forests of Central America and Chiapas.
  • Tropical and subtropical broadleaf rainforests.
  • Dry tropical and subtropical broadleaf forests. There are two types: the dry forests of Central America and the dry forests of the Chiapas depression.
  • Tropical and subtropical broadleaf dry forests.
  • Tropical and subtropical coniferous forests. The main ones are the pine-oak forests of Central America.
  • The pine-oak forests of Central America.
  • Deserts and xerophytic shrublands. With only one version called the thorn scrub of the Motagua Valley.
  • Mangasian scrub.
  • Mangroves. They are usually subdivided into four types: the mangroves of the Belize coast, those of northern Honduras, the mangroves of Tehuantepec-El Manchon and those of the dry North Pacific coast.

Marine ecoregions

These are the ecoregions located in the seas of each country. In Guatemala there are two major biomes of this type, with a total of two ecoregions:

  • Tropical northwest Atlantic. Includes the ecoregion known as the Western Caribbean.
  • Eastern tropical Pacific. The ecoregion of this type in Guatemala is the one known as Chiapas-Nicaragua.

These ecoregions of Guatemala will make you able to understand more of its ecology. Take care of these beautiful ecosystems on your next visit to this charming country.

Guatemala’s most important natural resources

Guatemala, birthplace of entrepreneur and altruist Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, is one of the territories with the most natural resources in Central America. From seeds to minerals, there is plenty of variety everywhere you turn; these raw materials could help restore the country’s economy.

Read on, we’ll tell you about Guatemala’s most important natural resources in this post.

Metals and Minerals

The mining industry in Guatemala is divided into metallic and non-metallic materials and is still in the process of development. Nickel is the most exploited metal in the country. Nickel mines are found mainly in the Lake Izabal region.

Small amounts of other resources can also be obtained, such as petroleum in the reservoir near Rubelsanto and Chinajá.

Other materials, such as iron, gypsum, antimony, lead, zinc, chromite, uranium, mercury, silver, and gold can be found in small concentrations. It is believed that these materials have not yet been fully exploited.

Lead is one of the most exploited minerals in Guatemala, which is used for the manufacture of domestic objects. In this way, lead is used in the manufacture of batteries, agricultural implements, and pulleys.


Towards the Peten region, several species of trees and medicinal plants can be found. Among the most important species, we can highlight the rubber tree, sapote, ebony, mahogany, and rosewood. These species along with other resources are used for local consumption and export.

Twenty-six percent of Guatemala’s territory is covered by dense forests. Material from these forests is used for the production of industrial and household goods.

Since 1970, natural timber resources have been the subject of multiple conflicts, due to illegal logging and disputes over the land where the different tree species are found.


Plantain production in Guatemala considerably exceeds the production of pears and apples combined. This is because Guatemala has been included within the “Banana Republic” and is one of the largest exporters to the U.S. market.

In Guatemala, the largest banana producers are located in Izabal and Escuintla, however, it is considered that these have been abused by the international market, providing few guarantees to Guatemalan farmers who grow this fruit.


Coffee as a natural resource has been exploited in Guatemala since approximately 1850. This seed is of utmost importance for the sustainability of the country’s economy, since Guatemala is considered the largest producer of coffee in Central America.

The most suitable temperatures for coffee cultivation in Guatemala are between 16 to 32 °C (61 to 90 °F). It is estimated that the altitude necessary for this crop to be healthy is about 500 to 700 meters above sea level.

How to find the best honeymoon resorts in Mexico

If you are newly web, and looking for the best options to celebrate your honeymoon, then Mexico and its beauty is the one place you need to choose. As we all know that the cheap flights to Mexico City are often offered in the off-season, so you can simply plan your honeymoon in that season.

After booking the flight, you can simply start working on exploring tee place which you can do y going through three simple steps. These steps include the following:

1.      Research Online

Resort Live Aqua in Mexico City

The first thing and the simplest one is to just go online, sit there for some time and explore this place. You can start by looking at images, then visit the websites and start exploring more deeply.

Images that attract your attention can be Googled and explored a bit more than usual. You will get a lot of information through this process, and you must try out that before you ask anyone else from outside.

2.      Contact Tour Guides

A tour guide is normally thinking of as a person who is there to just guide the tourists while they are in someplace.

They have to take them to various places, tell them tales about them, and make them familiar with the history of that location.

Well, other than this these guides have a very important role which we often neglect. It is that they guide people even before they reach their destination.

You can find them online and talk to them in detail. They will guide you about the various places that are the best honeymoon destinations in Mexico, they can guide you about the budget, they can tell you the best accommodation places, and much more.

So, try out this option for sure before you go to this place.

3.      Ask References

Asking for references is the best way

Well, when you are done with the above-mentioned two points, the last and a very important step that you have to follow is to ask the references.

By this, we simply mean that you may need to get in touch with people around you, the family members, friends, and colleagues who have been to this place before.

To be very honest, these people are the best option for you to ask about the culture, art, traditions and values of this place.

These people can guide you very well on everything that you have to do before going there and while you are there.


One of the many main streets in Mexico City

Just after the selection of your flights to Mexico City, make sure you start the searching process.

Never leave this to the time when you reach the destination because that will not only waste your time, it will also disturb your mood and will cost you much more than expected.

So, come here with complete planning and with a full happy mood so that you can enjoy this best part of your life.

All the very best to the new web couples from our side, and the very best wishes for the future trip to Mexico.



Best places to visit in Mexico with kids

Mexico is welcome to all the tourists with a lot of options of entertainment for families and especially kids. The Puerto Vallarta cheap flights are giving you the option of safe and friendly travel option. Mexico is one of the safe places that provide the best entertainment options for your kids. Today, we are going to discuss about the places best for kids. Let’s check out the best places to visit Mexico with kids.


Tulum I my preferred spot in Mexico (with kids or no children). Cool town, extraordinary eateries, and brilliant sea shore. A few people don’t care for that the town and sea shore is a couple of miles separated yet I like the qualification and the bicycle way between the two makes the drive pleasant. A great many people remain at the sea shore and go into town for the intermittent supper or to do some shopping.

Isla Mujeres:

Playa Norte on (North Beach) is considering as the most child inviting sea shore in Mexico. The place has delicate sand, gentle waves and crystal clear shallow water that make for an unspoiled setting. There are great cafés spread along a person on foot just road in the vivacious (however not insane) principle town. Most local people and voyagers get around the island by golf truck.

kids at the beach

Puerto Vallarta:

Extremely cool city with a genuine Mexican feel. A few littler sea shore towns are inside an hour via vehicle or pontoon: Yelapa, Mismaloya, Bucerias, and Sayulita. The Puerto Vallarta cheap flights will bring you here and enjoy your stay here. All the places are safe for kids and you can enjoy your whole trip with your family.


Loads of huge families are accommodating hotels with many other luxurious facilities like water slides, kids clubs, and immense pools. The region itself doesn’t have a ton of character however the sea shores are incredible and there are great day trips inside simple reach.


A fun less-touristy goal with great inns and loads of appeal in if you search it out. This place is also having beach option. The sandy beach is also giving the best options for kid’s entertainment.

Moreover, all these places are providing the food, entertainment and other fun option to you and your family. Spend quality time with your family at the beach, build sand castle or other object, click some random and beautiful pictures and make memories with Puerto Vallarta cheap flights operation.

Events you can enjoy on your visit to Mexico 

Mexico City is one of the most amazing places where you can enjoy numerous events throughout the year. If you are planning a trip then you must plan to visit. You can easily find the best flights to Mexico City to have an amazing experience. It is a rule in Mexico City and that is there will be no single dull moment exists to experience. Mexico is best known for it’s over joyous people, delectable cuisines, rich culture and plenty of events which will help you to have a great time there in the best possible way.

The best events to enjoy in Mexico

Do you want to know the amazing events which you can enjoy on your visit to Mexico? Well here are some of the best options which you can choose from:

1.   Día de Muertos

This is one of the famous festivals in Mexico which is being celebrated throughout the year. This festival is being celebrated from 31st October to 2nd November. This is a unique cultural event in Mexico which is meant to honor the dead people. Although the festival takes place in the entire county but in several places, it is more colorful than others. You can find these destinations to have more enjoyment there with ease.

mini skulls to day of the death

2.   Festival of the skulls

This is an annual festival which is being celebrated and is held between 28th October to 6th November and overlapping the Day of the dead. At this festival different sizes and materials, skulls are being displayed. Even more, you can find various food stalls too there which are offering seasonal and traditional foods. It also features various artistic and cultural shows to let the participants enjoy in a proper way.

3.   Vive Latino,

If you are more interested in music events then you must visit Mexico City in the spring. It is because Vive Latino is an amazing music festival which takes place every spring season. In this great music event musicians and singers participates from all around the world. However, other than this, there are multiple options available too to enjoy.

Mexico City has plenty of things to offer to its visitors. It is a great place which offers the best options for every visitor to enjoy. There are some of the most amazing events which you can attend to have an unforgettable experience there in the best possible way.

Vive Latino Festival

Beatiful places to rest in Mexican beach

It’s good that you’re looking to do in Puerto Vallarta. Well, this is because you will not have to wait to plan your trip to the beach and miss a single day. Here are some fun places and activities you can do in Puerto Vallarta to make a memorable trip.

Beach fun on the boardwalk places:

The trips escape reality, which has to go crazy on a trip and cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta will become this fun sea break. Malecón is a place in Puerto Vallarta that has one of the best beaches in the world. It has beautiful sand, some traditional pebbles, green plants and leafy trees. There is always a wave of local and international travelers, but the place is very quiet and cool to pass the time. Bathe in the sun, take a boat ride or play on the shore, Malecón is the place where you can enjoy your trip in every way.

places after beach go it to isla Cuale of shopping

Traditional souvenir shopping in Isla Cuale:

Isla Cuale is the traditional street market in Puerto Vallarta. There you can find the best products made from the hands of local artisans of Mexico at lower prices. The variety for shopping is huge, such as bags, clothes, shoes and other accessories. You can also find models of Mexican monuments to take home as souvenirs. One day is required to visit the entire market. Also, be sure to take someone local with you while you shop, as sometimes buyers charge an additional fee for international people. Spend here the money that has saved cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta.

Lying in the lapses of Mother Nature in the places Botanic Gardens of Vallarta:

Your next destination is the botanical gardens in Vallarta. The garden is beautiful, modern, luxurious and, at the same time, very close to nature. You will see clean roads, banks on the side of the road to share and a pleasant fragrance of plants and herbs throughout. In addition, there are several types of flowers that are also grown in the garden. The rides are also available for children. You can find a quiet places to capture photos and rest in the laps of Mother Nature for a while.

 visit the church of guadalaupe and admire its design

Get blessings from the Holy Mother in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

In Guadalupe, one of the largest and most famous churches reside in the name of the Church of Our Lady. This church is old but modern and has very charming buildings. Traditional bells are hanging there. Religious activities take place in the Church of Our Lady throughout the week, however, during the weekend, the most important prayer is performed. You can get the blessing of the holy lady in the church and make a memorable trip of divine journey.

Outdoor dining places at the pier of Los Muertos:

No trip is complete. At the Los Muertos pier there is an open-air restaurant near the beach. Consider the water chairs and listen to the splash songs that come from the deepest parts of the water. At night, the rays across the beach are amazing but classic. Also, the food is very good and delicious. You can enjoy the best dinner of your life here.

Consider these places during your visit to Puerto Vallarta to make a fun trip and not have to look for cheap flights in Puerto Vallarta to lower expenses.

What activities you can do in Cancun?

Cancun is the place to enjoy youth, childhood and the last days of your life, which is integrated with everything a tourist could want. Cancun is the city of Mexico located on the border of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is the city of beaches, the colorful nightlife and the reception centers with all the facilities. For the purposes of obtaining cheap flights to Cancun. By saving money after getting cheap flights to Cancun, you can spend this amount on various entertaining activities to do.

Toma un pase en bote por cancún.


Cancun has the largest and longest series of beaches and where you can find kayaks, boats and surfing opportunities. So, you can have fun sailing on the beach. You can hire autonomous boats, join kayak groups or rent a boat with a crew member.

Equitation in cancun:

There are several amusement parks in the costs of the beaches, as well as in other parts of the city. There are several electric and giant rides available throughout. Riding will be fun and your trip would not be complete without him. Therefore, keep it on the list.


There are several bars and clubs available to dance throughout Cancun. These clubs are full of the best dancers, best liquors and incredible music. Local dancers join the tourists to have fun dancing. These pubs are located on the sides of the beaches and throughout the city.

Prueba deliciosa comida en cancún.

Eating in cancun:

No trip is complete without the gastronomic experience. Cancun has the best restaurants in the world where local and international cuisine is offered to guests. Chains of famous fast food restaurants are also here, along with trucks and food kiosks on the road.
The beaches and nightlife here are key diversions for many vacationers. But the area also earns praise for cultural activities like Chichén Itzá and the underwater art museum on Isla Mujeres. If there’s extra time, consider taking a day trip to nearby Tulum to see some of the best preserved Mayan ruins in all of Mexico.

The nightlife of Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, the gathering never stops—yet that doesn’t mean it generally occurs in a similar spot. As local people, we know where all the problem areas are each night of the week. Stay with us, and you’ll generally finish up in the core of the activity. Furthermore, you’ll never need to hold up in long queues or push into swarmed bars. Celebrating with PV Nightlife local people implies all-get to, VIP treatment throughout the night. The Puerto Vallarta cheap flights are prepared to bring you here. How about we check the night events here in the city and make a list of all of them.

1. Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a bar with a beating bass beat, an unrecorded music scene, or a gay-accommodating club, there’s a spot in Puerto Vallarta to meet everybody’s nightlife needs.

Toma unos tragos con los amigos y disfruta de la noche.

2. Old Town and Downtown Dance Bars

Old Town and Downtown are vacationer frequented regions by the shoreline where numerous guests remain; the beverages, sustenance, and spread costs are higher, even though these clubs do pull in local people also. The clubs here will, in general, be loud and easygoing in distribution centres or comparative spaces, and the age of the revellers is around the under-30 swarm. Prevalent occasions incorporate moving in confines at The Zoo and the move floor at Carlos O’Brians.

3. Unrecorded music means live music:

For unrecorded music excitement to Nacho Daddy, where individuals are acts the range from swing to blues. Another spot called No Way Jose presents Mexican music daily, and Club Roxy has colours, shake, and R&B. These are bars where the easygoing dress is lovely, and in every one of the three, there’s space to move or appreciate a mixed drink with companions. The climate in these bars spins around the music. The group is adult and will, in general, be more than 30.

Necesitas ir a bailar en la noche.

4. Gathering Lounge nightlife:

With a custom in Puerto Vallarta spreading over 12 years, Party Lounge makes a great spot to begin the night or spend the entire night getting a charge out of superb beverages, neighbourly administration and the fun air. Gathering the night away on the cutting edge move floors with LED lighting to the beats of top DJs, or relax in the restrictive parlours and VIP spaces for a progressively upscale and cosy time with companions.