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Beatiful places to rest in Mexican beach

It’s good that you’re looking to do in Puerto Vallarta. Well, this is because you will not have to wait to plan your trip to the beach and miss a single day. Here are some fun places and activities you can do in Puerto Vallarta to make a memorable trip.

Beach fun on the boardwalk places:

The trips escape reality, which has to go crazy on a trip and cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta will become this fun sea break. Malecón is a place in Puerto Vallarta that has one of the best beaches in the world. It has beautiful sand, some traditional pebbles, green plants and leafy trees. There is always a wave of local and international travelers, but the place is very quiet and cool to pass the time. Bathe in the sun, take a boat ride or play on the shore, Malecón is the place where you can enjoy your trip in every way.

places after beach go it to isla Cuale of shopping

Traditional souvenir shopping in Isla Cuale:

Isla Cuale is the traditional street market in Puerto Vallarta. There you can find the best products made from the hands of local artisans of Mexico at lower prices. The variety for shopping is huge, such as bags, clothes, shoes and other accessories. You can also find models of Mexican monuments to take home as souvenirs. One day is required to visit the entire market. Also, be sure to take someone local with you while you shop, as sometimes buyers charge an additional fee for international people. Spend here the money that has saved cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta.

Lying in the lapses of Mother Nature in the places Botanic Gardens of Vallarta:

Your next destination is the botanical gardens in Vallarta. The garden is beautiful, modern, luxurious and, at the same time, very close to nature. You will see clean roads, banks on the side of the road to share and a pleasant fragrance of plants and herbs throughout. In addition, there are several types of flowers that are also grown in the garden. The rides are also available for children. You can find a quiet places to capture photos and rest in the laps of Mother Nature for a while.

 visit the church of guadalaupe and admire its design

Get blessings from the Holy Mother in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

In Guadalupe, one of the largest and most famous churches reside in the name of the Church of Our Lady. This church is old but modern and has very charming buildings. Traditional bells are hanging there. Religious activities take place in the Church of Our Lady throughout the week, however, during the weekend, the most important prayer is performed. You can get the blessing of the holy lady in the church and make a memorable trip of divine journey.

Outdoor dining places at the pier of Los Muertos:

No trip is complete. At the Los Muertos pier there is an open-air restaurant near the beach. Consider the water chairs and listen to the splash songs that come from the deepest parts of the water. At night, the rays across the beach are amazing but classic. Also, the food is very good and delicious. You can enjoy the best dinner of your life here.

Consider these places during your visit to Puerto Vallarta to make a fun trip and not have to look for cheap flights in Puerto Vallarta to lower expenses.

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