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What kind of food you must try in Puerto Vallarta?

The Puerto Vallarta cheap flights are available for every country. They are offering the same rates and packages for all. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its many foods and unique recipes. It is said that there are many international chefs, working here in many prominent places. In Puerto Vallarta, you will love the local food and Mexican cuisines. They are full of spices and very delicious. Now, we offer you a few dishes that you should try in Puerto Vallarta.

Best food you must try in Puerto Vallarta:

Prueba la deliciosa comida de PV como el ceviche

1. Cevicheria El Guero:

This is the most eatable dish by the locals. The specific meat of chicken or beef marinated whole night with lime juice, and in the morning they serve it with tacos. This food is well-known as Ceviche. They also add few vegetables in it, which are also marinated and add extra spice in the tacos. The fish and the most critical gradient is Jalapeno.

2. Mole:

You may have had mole beforehand anyway if you have never endeavoured it in Mexico, by then it must be at the highest need on your once-over. Mole can be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every restaurant has a family recipe that has been gone down through the ages with some containing upward of 100 fixings. While tantamount each method is stand-out so it justifies endeavouring a couple of remarkable diners

Shrimp Pozole:

This is a typical dish of the locale. It consolidates a conventional pozole with shrimps, the blend of flavours will spellbind you, and it is something that you will discover just here.

En PV la mejor comida es el aguachile

3. Aguachile:

In Puerto Vallarta, you will locate the best aguachile. You can taste the full scope of flavours and introductions: green, with mango and coconut, dark and red. You will this in a few spots, yet regardless of where you have it, it will abandon you confused.

Food Festivals

There are two essential occasions foodies should remember when arranging an excursion to Puerto Vallarta. The Gourmet Festival happens each November and offers an open door for sustenance sweethearts to test the contributions of visiting expert culinary specialists, take an interest in workshops, and take cooking classes.

In Restaurant Week, held the most recent two weeks of May, a large number of Puerto Vallarta’s best eateries offer inventive full menus at a marked down cost.



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