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Visit these bars in Cancun

Who doesn’t like staying in bars during their trips, especially when you are going on a trip to famous city of Mexico Cancun that is famous for its nightlife and bar culture? So, here are the things you should consider before booking Montreal to Cancun flights. Also, before you book your Montreal to Cancun flights it is best to get information regarding your favorite places specially the bars you should visit while on a trip:

Toma unos tragos en Coco Bongo bar

Coco Bongo:

The most crowded yet most entertaining bar of Cancun is Coco Bongo. Filled with professional striptease as well as cultural dancers, coco bongo is the real place to see night life in Cancun. The dance floor in the bar is always filled with tourists and the dancers. Also, music played out loud. All with this, you can enjoy finest bear of the area here.


Mandala is a less crowded bar compare to Coco Bongo however the party over here is also always on. The bar opens up in the afternoon and remains opened till the first redness of dusk. Music, drinks, dancers, and striptease you can find here all the fun you want in a less crowded manner. However, this bar is little expensive than Coco Bongo.

Grand Mambo Café:

Grand Mambo café is the home of professional dancing and best liquors. You will get to some amazing moves of salsa dance here by the professionals. Along with this, dancers can also perform Merengue and Bachata moves, names of two local dances in Mexico. Live music is played half of the week such as from Wednesday to Saturday.

Ve al bar Congo

Congo Bars:

Congo bar is located in the posh area of Cancun, you can also call the heart of Cancun and only high class people from the city can dare to visit this place. It is a party hub and you will find locals dancing throughout the night for fun. Drink your favorite liquor, get tipsy, and dance on live music whole night, this all makes Congo Bar a must to visit place in Cancun.

Senor Frogs bars:

Senor frogs, as the name denotes is a bar filled with crowds of youngsters. Music is played whole night and even the saddest persons will never feel sad over here. All with this you will also enjoy here all modern drinks such as vodka, run, and tequila.
Hope this information would come handy before you Montreal to Cancun flights.



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