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Spicy foods you should try in Mexico

For the Canadians who took the flights to Mexico City from Toronto, they are most welcome to the city of spices and art. You will get the mix fusion of the Mexican culture. Here, we will get the extreme experience of food and amazing taste of the street food that is available at every corner of the street and many more.
Let’s discuss the spicy food that is very famous and you can ask them in a different restaurant.

Some spicy foods that you should try in Mexico:


1. Chiles en nogada:

It is said that it’s a nationalistic dish that comes from Puebla. It can be stuffed with plumps and poblano chilies, meat also covered with the seeds of dark pomegranate and a sauce that give the walnutty flavor. Basically, the green, red and white color of the chili reflects the flag of Mexico. This dish specially made on Independence Day and people enjoy their freedom with it.

2. Pickled jalapeños en escabeche:

Pickled are loved by people of all ages especially when it comes to jalapenos, its taste so spicy foods and sour at the same time. Pickled jalapeños en escabeche is a street snack that you can get easily from any pickle cart. The best combination of this spicy pickle is with the tacos.

3. Salsas:

If you say salsa has belonged to Mexico than it’s not a fake statement. Mexican people love salsa and eat it on every occasion, event, etc. there are two types of salsa that are eaten in Mexico with the color of red and green. Foreigners often wonder which color one salsa is spicy. The red one is hot and spicy and the green one is made of avocado so, it will give you the light taste. You can eat salsa with tacos, it’s the best combination.

4. Tacos:

Tacos are the most famous Mexican food. It can be served with anything. The filling can be any vegetables and people add different sauces, meats in it. The best combo that people like the most is with Jalapenos and any other stuffing. The jalapenos are compulsory and the rest of the stuffing can be of the choice of the customer. You can easily get tacos from any restaurant or street food truck or cart, for many people is one of the spicy foods more emblematic from Mexico..


Mexico is the place that never failed to surprise the tourists. From amazing landscapes to its historical places each and everything has its own worth. The most famous thing that belongs to Mexico is the food that people never forget after leaving the place. Especially spicy food is very famous worldwide. Now, most of the spices are also known worldwide and people love to taste it once in their life. Now, it’s time to book flights to Mexico city from Toronto or anywhere else in the world and do visit here.



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