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History of Mexico that will surprise you

Mexico is a beautiful country that is well-known because of its amazing beaches and landscapes. The country has a rich and famous history that makes it more different and amazing. The Mexicans still follow their traditional ways. It’s the best place to spend your summer holidays with family. On that time, you will get many cheap flights to Mexico. The infrastructure of the country is mixed, you will check out old and famous places as well as modern architecture.

The history of Mexico is full of surprise and you might don’t know about the basic facts of it. Let’s, check out the history of Mexico and find out something interesting.

History of Mexico that will surprise you:

1. Mexican true supporters of education:

Mexico is the first ever societies that support and also introduce education, especially for the children. There is no class discrimination between children; they were educated whether they were belonging to a rich family or even a slave. All the students were educated from huehuetlatolli, it belongs to old says of the ancients people. They were also taught about the behavior and the old legends of Mexican history.

2. They were sports lovers as well:

The historical national sport of Mexico was Ullamaliztli. This game was the old version of basketballs, the only difference was you can’t allow the ball to touch the ground but you can pass the ball or handle it with knees, elbows, knees and even with head. The tricky game was very famous but has very strict law, it is said that the audience often suggests to the authorities to behead the captain if they lost the game.

cacao mexicano en semilla

3. The ancient Mexicans were chocoholics:

Mexicans supposed the chocolate as the gift of their ancient God Quetzalcoatl, as he is the god of wisdom. The seed of the cocoa was also used as the currency as they were quite unique by looks. The manufacturing process of chocolate in the Mexican is still different from the entire world.

4. Their fashion sense was also different:

Mexican was used to adopting quite rare fashion techniques that you can’t find out in other histories files of the world. For example, they use to file down their real teeth and replace them with different kind of precious stones and female often dyed their teeth with the dark red color that comes from the insect found on the cactus plants.

The Mexican state still has a memento of its future that you can check by taking the cheap flights to Mexico.

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