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Best places to snorkel in Mexico

As a tourist, Mexico has everything that you could ask for. You enjoy you amazing time in Mexico with a very limited budget. Mexico has amazing modern cities with tall skyscrapers, it has huge national parks, beautiful beaches and many places to snorkel. In short, if you have a limited amount of budget and you still want to enjoy your vacations then Mexico is highly recommended. Flights to Mexico are also very cheap. For example you can find flights to Puerto Vallarta within few bucks. Don’t waste time, pack your bags and start snorkelling in Mexico.


Snorkelling is a swimming practice which is done with swimming mask and a breathing tube called snorkel. Snorkelling is mostly done in clear water where you can see the beauty of underwater. Snorkelling is famous in many countries and Mexico is of the best countries for snorkelling. When you are snorkelling, you don’t go much deeper but you go as deep as your snorkelling tube can. According to those who have experienced snorkelling, this is must do activity once in a lifetime. With snorkelling, you will be able to see the true beauty of the underwater world.

Best places to snkrkel


As we have already mentioned earlier that Mexico is the best place for tourists. You can enjoy snorkelling in some amazing places of Mexico. The list below will show some amazing places in Mexico to snorkel. Consider these places:


This place is the best place for snorkelling in Mexico. The green grass in the river and a rare species of turtle make this place worth discovering. The place is located at river maya between Tulum and Del Carman. You will find so many shops for snorkelling items. Guides are also available here. You can hire a guide and go with his group or you can enjoy your private time alone. The choice is completely up to you.


The water around the Cozumel island is so clear that it has become one of the best snorkelling places. The island is full of snorkelling shops and guides to offer their services. The water is so clear that you can even see the fishes from the top of the water.


The place is also called nature’s aquarium. The rock formations around the water makes the water look very beautiful and clear. If you want some less dense snorkelling areas then this might be the best place for you.

Snorkelling is one of the best experiences that you can have in your life. In this article, we have given you our top three places in Mexico to snorkel. All three places are distinctive in their own way. It is totally up to your taste to choose which one is more suitable for you. It is highly recommended to do snorkel at least once in your life. So, don’t waste time and start booking the flight tickets for Mexico and go snorkelling.

Top hotels to consider in CDMX

Mexico is a great country especially for tourist. You can find the daily modern life in some of the big cities of Mexico and you can also find the relaxing national parks in the country sides of the Mexico. You can find amazing resort islands like Puerto Vallarta. You can even get Puerto Vallarta cheap flights easily from internet. The capital city of Mexico is Mexico city which is also known as CDMX. Despite being a city of daily busy and modern life, this is one of the amazing tourist attractions in the world. If you are visiting CDMX soon then read this article first because here we will talk about some of the best hotels that you can find in CDMX.


If you stop caring about your wallet then this is probably the best hotels in CDMX. This hotel is situated in the middle of Zocalo, the main downtown of the city. While being in this hotel, you don’t even have to step outside. The rooftop restaurant of the hotel has the best view of the city. You will regret if you don’t reserve a room in this hotel.

Hotels hamburgo Mexico


This hotel has every luxury that one could ask for.  The amazing architecture of the hotel is mind boggling. You can enjoy relaxing spa and modern gym in the hotel. When you see the first impressions of the hotel in the reception desk, you will fall in love with it. The rooftop of the hotel has some amazing views that one can ask for while in CDMX. It is recommended to reserve a room in this hotel because of the time rooms are not available here due to high demand.


This hotel don’t let you feel like you are in hotel. You will feel like you are in your own home. The designs of the hotel is made in such a way that it does not look like a commercial place. The lounge is amazing and quite relaxing. The fireplace is very comfortable where people sit during evening for chit chats. The sofas are soft and beds are relaxing. This is the reason that this hotel fall in our top three list. Hence, if you want some relaxation then this hotel is made for you.


This is another one of the best hotels in CDMX. The room of the hotel are very big that you feel like you are in a apartment. The staff is very friendly and cooperative. This hotel is not that expensive and on the same hand it is not even that cheaper. It is highly recommended to book a room in this hotel and start enjoying the service provided by this hotel.

CDMX is a perfect place to enjoy your vacations with family. Consider these hotels as they are one of the best in CDMX.

What are top resting places near CDMX you should explore?

Are you travelling to the Mexico City and still confused which resting places are worth seeing? Keep on reading the article because we have gathered a meaningful information for you regarding this.

Zócalo: The Birthplace of the Constitution

If you are at Mexico, don’t forget to visit this place if you wish to make your trip unforgettable. It is known as the beating heart of the Mexico City. You would be surprised to see, it is almost 240 meters in each direction so it expands in the largest area in the whole world. This larger area has almost everything to enjoy including bullfighting arena and market where people can get everything of their need and demand.  Believe us! This is the most visited tourist attractions.


It is the central neighborhood of the Mexico City that someone must add in his list of must visiting places. This plaza is near to CDMX and easily reachable. You can walk around the number of blocks in all directions to make your trip memorable. This is the largest plaza of the central Mexico that someone must not miss.

Desfile dia de muertos

Don’t forget to visit Dia De Los Muertos

Do you want to spend best time in Mexico? Don’t forget to visit Dia De Los Muertos. You will find beautiful decorated sugar skulls there that someone must see. Halloween in Mexico is the great event to attend with your families. They have the decorated graves and tombs that becomes the great source of attraction for the visitors and tourists.

The canals of Xochimilco

This is the best resting place to enjoy classical boat-riding with your family and children. It is the beautiful day time activity that someone must try. Here you can enjoy Mexican art, food and music. You will enjoy a lot to ride on traditionally fully decorated boat. Believe us! You can spend memorable time with your family there.

You must research well to find the cheap flights to Cancun if you wish to make your trip affordable and memorable as well. We have described all the places near CDMX that someone should not miss if he is in Mexico.

Tips to save money while traveling

There are lots of people that love to visit different places including Cancun, but one thing that every tourist has to plan before visiting Cancun is his/her budget. It is the main thing that a tourist has to plan due to which they try to book cheap flights to Cancun. Otherwise, they will have to face a lot of problems.

There are also some people that have a tight budget and want to make a trip to someplace, but nearly canceling the plan because they might be failed to arrange the money.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the tips that will help you to travel around the world on a tight budget:

1.    Rent a Campervan

A campervan is the best option to go on a trip if you have a tight budget for the trip. This is the van that offers you the facility of traveling and also acts as a hotel to sleep in. If you are traveling in New Zealand, Australia or America, then this will be a great idea to stick on because you will find a lot more place to explore and drive in your campervan.

2.    Travel overnight

You might be thinking that this is crazy. Why should a person travel all night? Well, the reason behind this is to save money for accommodation. If you are on a road trip with your friends and have a tight budget for the trip, then traveling overnight is one of the options to save money. You can switch with your friends and drive all night. In this way, you can keep the amount that you will have to spend on your accommodation.

3.    Avoid cities and embrace the great outdoors

It is pretty obvious that life in cities is much hard and expensive as compared to towns and villages. If you visit cities, you will have to spend much more than usual because everything you will get there from food to the accommodation, will be quite expensive. That’s why it is preferred to avoid cities and embrace the great outdoors.

Well, above has described some of the tips to travel around the world if you are on a tight budget. So, consider all of them because these are the most effective ways to save money and survive on a trip with a tight budget

Top of benefits why is better book flights with discounts

The city of Cancun offers many adventurous opportunities to the people who want something exciting and you will get many of them. Cancun Cheap flights are one of the best adventures above all. It is very easy to search for cheap flights by using the internet. The Cancun cheap flights also allow you to book their flights and enjoy the cheap air rates with good services. Let’s discuss more and discuss the importance of booking flights in advance.

Why it is better to book Cancun cheap flights:

Here are the few benefits that you can get:

1.      You will get a good price:

When you did the booking, you will get multiple benefits like, you will get a good price as well as a discount. If you want to travel and save enough money for the rest of your adventure, the best way is booking. Try it and get unlimited benefits.

2.      You will get different choices:

When you want to book a flight with discount, you will also get different choices. You can choose your favorite window seat or chose the economy to business class. Hence, it’s up to you which flight and seat you want because of availability. As the date comes, you might not get a single seat as well. So, consider looking for cheap flights rates and their availability.

3.      Booking is a good plan:

If you are planning to go on vacations and you want to book a flight for your family, consider looking for better results. Because if you want to book many seats you have to book them in advance, maybe you can’t get the required seats on time so, it is essential to have patience and time. As well you need some tolerance, maybe you need to consider if you want to travel next year, as the best deals are for low seasons.

4.      Cancun cheap flights:

Cancun cheap flights are the best for many reasons. They will give you good service at affordable prices. You can get the cheap flight rate on domestically and internationally. If you are traveling from outside the country, Cancun cheap flights will also accommodate you with the best air services.

The Cancun cheap flights are very much active and provide the best flight rates. You can save a lot of money by booking cheap flights and booking. Sometimes, when you buy flights on time, they will charge extra money because they know you are needy.

Tips to get best deals to flight in a comfortable way

Mexico is one of the most popular places where lots of people love to visit, because the weather, the landscapes, and mos importantly: the food . It is quite famous because of its incredible tourism. This is the reason that people have to pay a lot more on flights instead of getting cheap flights to Mexico.


1.    Contact Travel Agency

One of the most effective ways by which you can get cheap flights is contacting with any travel agency. In every country, there are travel agencies that arrange visas and other documentation that are necessary to travel to another country. These agencies are also capable to arrange tickets along with all the other documentation. In this case, if you contact them, then you can get some discounts because they better know at what times of the year, flights become cheap.


2.    Search Online

Another one of the most effective approaches to avail cheap flights are searching online. As you know that there are lots of airline services in the market that travel to different places including Mexico. Not every airline has the same fair rates. It varies company to company. In this case, if you search online, then there is quite a chance that you find any airline service that can offer you good deals as compared to other airline services. additionally, you can find coupons or deal at some of the airlines by which you can have an impressive discount on your tickets.

person buying online

3.    Visit in Off-season

Another one of the most effective ways by which you can get cheap flights to Mexico is visiting this place in the off-season. As in off-season, there is not much demand for flights to Mexico or any other place because very few people travel to that place during spring break or even holidays. In this case, if you travel to Mexico in the off-season, then there is a huge chance that you easily get very atractive promotions. You just have to pay a very reasonable price and prepare the rest of ypur budget to enjoy this beautiful country.

¿Do you like crafts or souvenirs? Some of the best things you can buy in Mexico

Mexico City is a great place not only to enjoy the best view, delicious food, breathtaking views but for the perfect shopping experience too. This can be a perfect place to fit for the best shopping experience. When you are in Mexico City then you must know about the best things which you can buy here. It is because there are numerous unique options which can let you bring memories from this fabulous place.

The best things to buy in Mexico

Do you want to enjoy a great shopping experience in Mexico? Well, here are some of the most amazing options which will be perfect to buy.


These are the most beautiful and excellent wood carvings which you will not be able to find anywhere else. These are being built in the shape of both imagined and real. Most interestingly, these are the least expensive option which you can buy in Mexico City. Even more, you can visit various wood carvings studios to find the ones which are perfect for you.

Alebrije from Oaxaca Mexico

Coffee Beans

Mexico City contains world-famous coffee beans which you will be unable to find anywhere else in the entire world. If you love the coffee here then you must plan to buy some coffee beans to bring with you from Mexico City. This will easily let you enjoy the best Mexican city even at your own place too.

mexican coffe beans with a cup



If you want to bring something amazing for the loved ones behind then getting Mexican chocolate can be the best option to avail. You can find here amazing options to buy solid chocolate with the most delicious taste. To add some extra you can buy some fresh vanilla from Mexico City.

mexican chocolate

Woven shirts

If you want to buy some clothing items from Mexico City then buying some woven shirts can be the best idea. These will let you remind the most adventurous time which you are going to spend in Mexico City. Moreover, the colorful and comfortable woven shirts can be the most reliable and durable option to have.

Woven mexican blouses

Mexico is surely having a lot of things for you to offer. So, if you want to have a perfect trip for your upcoming vacations then you must start to find the best flights to Mexico City from Toronto. It is because without any doubt this will let you have an awesome experience along with some of the best memories which can last with you forever. So, this is the time to plan a lifetime tour to Mexico City to enjoy its amazingness.

Historical spots to know more about Mexico


Whenever you have decided to go to Mexico maybe you are confused that what the places that you should not miss are. Take the flights to Mexico City from Toronto to have your wonderful trip. At your trip, you can visit all the historical spots if you are interested to see the historical places. One of the most common and best historical places there are Tenochtitlan, Castillo de Chapultepec, and Templo Mayor.

What are the best Historical spots to visit in Mexico City?

Are you at Mexico and are in the search of the must seeing historical places? Don’t worry; we are here for you with the great research. We will provide you the proper guidance that what historical places are worth seeing in Mexico.


Don’t miss this place if you are in the search for the most beautiful and impressive historical place in Mexico. Forests of the Yucatan Peninsula are worth seeing the place there. At this place, you can see the number of surviving buildings that will be a great source of attraction for you.

Pyramids of teotihuacan


This place was built in 400 BC and has now become a great historic place. This historic place is not good enough for the citizens of Mexico but also for the visitors who came there to know more about the history of Mexico. Is well know as the country’s oldest archeological site. People should visit this place by passing through the original streets of the city. In addition, it has numerous museums to see. Museo del Sitio is the best visitor’s attraction there.


Tulum Archaeological Site

Hey, are you in Mexico? Don’t forget to visit Tulum Archaeological Site. This is one of the most peaceful historic places in Mexico that we suggest you visit that is as beautiful as paradise. Remember! This historic spot is full of facilities and one can have the most precious and memorable time spent there. Here, you will wonder to see the azure blue water because you will never find it anywhere around the world.

Tulum, ruins

Conclusion: what are the tops of historic places in Mexico?

We have tried our best to inform you about all the amazing historical places in Mexico. In our opinion, someone should not miss them, if you are curious to know more from the history of Mexico. If you are in the search of the expert guide, you will find this article too useful, but also, there are people with very especific information about each spot that you can learn a lot.

Important facts of Mexican culture

Most of the people who visited Mexico before, may think that they know everything about this great and lively country, but the reality is not the same. It is because there are multiple things which are not commonly known about Mexico. Although this is a commonly known fact that Mexico is an amazing yet one of the largest countries all around the world. Even more, this is a hotspot of the travelers to visit. To let you get more information about this great place we have brought some of the most interesting facts for you to know.

The most interesting facts about Mexico which you must know

Here are the most amazing yet interesting facts about Mexico which are surely going to be the best for you to know.

Diverse Nature

Nature in Mexico is the most diverse. You can find plenty of species here within the Mexican border. Even more there you can also experience the huge ethnic diversity in food and culture. However, when it comes to biodiversity, it is being said that Mexico is a place of 10% of the biodiversity of the world.

Mexican Wolf

People here widely celebrate the day of the dead

The Day of the Dead is a festival which is being celebrated in Mexico on an annual basis. It is basically a tribute to the dead people. However, this great festival is being celebrated all around Mexico at the end of October. The basic purpose of this festival is to honor the dead loved ones and relatives.

Mexicans are not lazy

Well, when it comes to the working routines of Mexican then you will be surprised to know that these people are working for the longest hours in the entire world. They are working for an average of 43 hours on a weekly basis.

Mexico contains more than 50 corn varieties

Although Mexico is not the home of the best crops in the world but it contains 59 different varieties of corn which is truly a rich density of this amazing crop. Mexicans are cultivating this amazing crops for centuries.

These are some funny yet amazing facts about Mexico which most of the people surely do not know. To enjoy the more amazingness and to explore the more fun facts about Mexico you must find the best flights to Mexico City to get the most amazing experience. Mexico is surely going to give you the best to enjoy.


5 amazing foods you will only find on the streets of Mexico

When you got vacations, the first thing that you do is to make plans for spending time out with family. Some people prefer Mexico because of many reasons, it’s a cheap place and you will also get cheap flights to Mexico. Mexico has a rich culture and also famous for its cuisine. The best thing about Mexico is, it has the best street food that is full of healthy ingredients. Today, we are going to discuss the best street foods in Mexico that you should visit if you visit Mexico on these vacations.

Five amazing Mexican street foods

Here are the best and healthy street foods, these are as follow:


Tacos are the best and you can say the only street food that is famous worldwide. Most of the people may now it as a wrap that can be filled with their choice of veggies and all but in reality, it is different. The real tacos are filling with different parts of meat that you can select according to taste. Some adventurous people select the weirdest fillings like eyes, brain, and tongue, etc.

For veggie lovers, they can also find the vegetable filling in tacos with cheese, mushrooms, beans, and potatoes. The most famous form of tacos is al pastor because it is made of marinated pork meat that cooked traditionally on the spit. The idea came from the Lebanese feast.

Tacos on a plate with lime


This street food is made of corn dough dumpling that is used to serve in the morning and as evening’s snacks. The banana leave wrap is another option in it. The filling of this wrap is also different like some would like to add mole and for some, salsa with cooked chicken. It will be also found with rajas, it is a kind of strip of poblano chilies that add with onions and tomatoes.
It is also a party treat and can be used in different party places as an appetizer.

real mexican tamales


It is a special Mexican sandwich with the crispy bun. The filling of this sandwich is full of healthy veggies and meat. The one side of the bun fully covers with bean paste and the other one will be cover with mayonnaise. The filling is of meat, pickled jalapeños, tomato, and avocado.

mexican tortas

Sopes and Gorditas:

Mexico street food is often consisting of corns. This is another type of corn-based food in which sope is a corn disk and it is much thicker than a tortilla. The topping of this food is with cheese and beans. The Gorditas is also made of corn and it has a disk shape. The topping of it is the same but especially serve with salsa.

mexican gorditas


It is another kind of tacos but unlike them, tostadas are crispy. The making of tostadas is different as well, they can be baked and fried and then filled with lots of topping options. You can add seafood, different meat and altogether mixed up with cheese. Some people never forget to add salsa.
You can taste all these amazing food only by getting cheap flights to Mexico and enjoy quality time and food here.

mexican tostada