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Important facts of Mexican culture

Most of the people who visited Mexico before, may think that they know everything about this great and lively country, but the reality is not the same. It is because there are multiple things which are not commonly known about Mexico. Although this is a commonly known fact that Mexico is an amazing yet one of the largest countries all around the world. Even more, this is a hotspot of the travelers to visit. To let you get more information about this great place we have brought some of the most interesting facts for you to know.

The most interesting facts about Mexico which you must know

Here are the most amazing yet interesting facts about Mexico which are surely going to be the best for you to know.

Diverse Nature

Nature in Mexico is the most diverse. You can find plenty of species here within the Mexican border. Even more there you can also experience the huge ethnic diversity in food and culture. However, when it comes to biodiversity, it is being said that Mexico is a place of 10% of the biodiversity of the world.

Mexican Wolf

People here widely celebrate the day of the dead

The Day of the Dead is a festival which is being celebrated in Mexico on an annual basis. It is basically a tribute to the dead people. However, this great festival is being celebrated all around Mexico at the end of October. The basic purpose of this festival is to honor the dead loved ones and relatives.

Mexicans are not lazy

Well, when it comes to the working routines of Mexican then you will be surprised to know that these people are working for the longest hours in the entire world. They are working for an average of 43 hours on a weekly basis.

Mexico contains more than 50 corn varieties

Although Mexico is not the home of the best crops in the world but it contains 59 different varieties of corn which is truly a rich density of this amazing crop. Mexicans are cultivating this amazing crops for centuries.

These are some funny yet amazing facts about Mexico which most of the people surely do not know. To enjoy the more amazingness and to explore the more fun facts about Mexico you must find the best flights to Mexico City to get the most amazing experience. Mexico is surely going to give you the best to enjoy.