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Magical spots to visit in Puerto Vallarta

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Emblematic spots to visit in Puerto Vallarta:

Go to the beaches:

Go to the shoreline is fundamental in Puerto Vallarta; the bit of leeway that Bahía de Banderas offers is that There are numerous shorelines to look over! Every one of them one of a kind to each other either due to its openness, sand or exercises that should be possible.

Directly before Puerto Vallarta Malecon is – for instance, Playa Dorada. It has simple access and it’s ideal for recreational purposes, similar to take a sunbath or stroll along the shoreline while visiting the town. Toward the south of the city, Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan are the main attractions that you will find. Mismaloya also offers a situation with full fine sand and ordinary waves with exceptional green shading in the ocean; ideal for plunging and parachuting adventure.

Go to Romantic Zone:

Otherwise called “Old town” (“Viejo Vallarta”); the sentimental zone is one of the most dynamic territories in the entire city. It is ubicated on the city south, going over the Cuale River either during that time area of the Malecon or through the old town cobblestone boulevards and it feels increasing like being in a little Mexican town. The boulevards are smaller and are full of little shops, cafés, and bistros all over the place. A couple of ventures from the sentimental zone, you can reach “Los Muertos” wharf, immaculate to take pictures, it offers access to pontoons and water cabs to go to close-by shorelines or just to appreciate water-related exercises. It is a region that – without uncertainty will give you a lot of decisions during your getaway in Puerto Vallarta.

Mercado Municipal:

Puerto Vallarta town, directly on the shore of the Cuale River, there is the Municipal Market. With over 30 years of presence and 159 local people disseminated in 2 levels, you’ll locate a major assortment of flavors and dishes; the top choices are broiled onions, mole, “chiles Rellenos” (bean stew pepper loaded up with cheddar and meat) and fish. Furthermore, to the joy you can drink new water made with regular natural products, the nearby individuals called them “agua fresca”.

Bottom line:

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