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Best transportation services in Mexico

Whenever you traveling abroad the major expenses are always coming in the shape of accommodation, food, and transportation. You can skip fun, entertainment and shopping because these are might be add in luxuries but food, living, and transportation are added in the necessary items. When people take cheap flights to Mexico and come to visit this amazing country, there are many means of traveling that you can choose according to your choice and budget.

The main transportation in Mexico are as follow:

1. Airport
2. Boat
3. Train
4. Bus
5. Private car
6. Taxi
7. Colectivo
8. Metro

Best transportation services in Mexico:

The entire transportation mean in Mexico has its importance. Here we divide them into two categories:

1. Time:


If you are in a rush, you can take domestic flights, it’s a cheap and more convenient way of traveling. Moreover, the Mexican domestic flights are often cheap in price but sometimes because of extra load, the tickets are not available. So, make sure, you plan your trip before coming here.


Mexico has train facility but unfortunately, it’s not connected with all the cities and towns of the country. So, the best way is to take the metro, if you want to take the whole trip of the Mexico City and metropolitan areas. It’s the fastest and the second largest metro line on the north side of America.

vagon del metro de la ciudad de mexico

2. Budget:


If your budget is limited then you must travel to the local bus. These buses are also used to travel long and short destinations. The rent for the long destination is also very low as compare to the other private transportation.

Private car:

There are many rental car services that are providing cars on daily basis rent of forth-nightly charge. You can rent a car for the whole Mexico trip and it will be cost low, as compared to you hire a taxi for each place. In this way, you can save money.


Mexico is a famous destination and having different means of transportation. These are having their importance according to their consistency. You can take cheap flights to Mexico and also book domestic flights as well. It’s the most convenient way to travel all around Mexico in a short time with cheap pricing. You can also take the metro, trains or locals buses, they will also give you the luxurious experience that you can’t forget.

vagon de metro con personas de pie

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