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Amazing facts about Puerto Vallarta you need to know

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most well-known and popular tourist’s destinations in
Mexico. It is the best place to spend vocations along with your friends and family .

Because of its amazing offerings, lots of people travel to this place every year.
Additionally, Puerto Vallarta cheap flights had made things much easier than a
mediocre person can also travel to this city.

Well, this place is full of lots of amazement but still, there are some amazing facts
that most of the people are not familiar with. These facts are only known to the locals
that are quite amazing that you will also become intrigued to visit this place if you
have not visited this place yet.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the facts about Puerto Vallarta that
you must know before visiting this place:

1.Beach of the Dead

You may have listened about the stories of pirates and may never have been
going through any of the factors that actually relate to those stories. Well, Puerto
Vallarta offers you this kind of opportunity.

In Puerto Vallarta, there is a beach named Los Muertos beach or Playa Los
but it is also referred to as the beach of dead. This name showcases an
interesting story behind. Centuries ago, pirates came to steal from the beach
whatever they could find. they came here and tried to steal stuff from the locals
but they could not make it happen because locals of this beach killed the legends
of pirates to protect the shores. Due to this incident, this beach gets this name. it
is been said that lots of pirates are buried under the beach because when the first
hotel was started to be constructed over here, they found some of the skeletons
under the floor.

vista nocturna de la playa los muertos iluminada de neon

2.Main Source of Income

Every country and city have the main source of income by which their economy
runs. While Puerto Vallarta’s main source of income is tourism. According to the
studies, more than nine billion pesos was earned by this city last year only from
the national and international visitors. This thing perfectly showcases how much
this place is popular among tourists that the people living in this place only earn
from their hospitality.


Puerto Vallarta is a small city in Mexico but its population is more than 300,000.
According to studies, this city became the fastest growing cities in whole Mexico
because of incredible increase of its annual population that grown up to 7.5% in
last twenty years, which means that it had the only population of 1500 to 1800
twenty years back.

Well, above has described some of the amazing facts about Puerto Vallarta. So,
consider all of them if you are planning to visit this place this year.

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