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Upcoming events in Cancun you should enjoy

Cancun is one of the best destinations for tourism. Lots of people visit this place throughout the year. It offers lots of events to enjoy and adventurous things to do to its to the people. It also contains different restaurants that are well-known to offer the best food in all the country. Additionally, there are available lots of cheap flights to Cancun from different cities and countries. All of these things make people come and visit Cancun throughout the whole year.

So, if you are also planning a trip to Cancun but don’t know what are the upcoming events that you can enjoy in Cancun, then have a look at following events of Cancun month by month:

1. Cozumel Carnival, February 2 – March 6

Cozumel Carnival is one of the best events in Cancun held in all the Mexico including Quintana Roo. The pre-carnival run from February 2 to 24 and the actual celebration of this event runs from February 27 to March 6. While the dates of this event vary location by location.

Carnival at cozumel on february

2. Challenge Cancun Triathlon, April 28


1,500 top long-distance runners gather in Cancun for this universal marathon. The swimming course is in the cove among Isla Mujeres and Cancun It starts from Casa Blanca Sports Club to The Royal Sands in the Hotel Zone while the running event happens on Bonampak Ave.

Check the Royal Resorts blog during the year for more postings of occasions in Cancun, Yucatan, and Riviera Maya.

3. Hokol Vuh Food Festival, June 19-24

Leading cooks from Mexico and different other countries are being assembled in Merida in June for the Hokol Vuh, a culinary celebration that pays tribute to Mayan food and culture.

Nineteen-star cooks including Jorge Vallejo, Enrique Olvera, Roberto Solis, Albert Adria, and René Redzepi have officially affirmed their investment in the celebration. The program features tastings, gatherings, two 10-course dinners, and a celebration party.
The cooks honey bee guardians, visit anglers, eminent Mayan and ranchers cooks before getting ready plans of their own motivation praising the flavors of the Yucatan.

Hokol Vuh competition

4. Xplor Bravest Race, September 17

Xplor Bravest Race is a 5-kilometer race through the forest with a course of 30 synthetic and natural hurdles to test your quality and they carry you into contact with different components such as earth fire, water, and wind. One of the components will be your partner during the test.

As you go through the forests, you’ll experience rival Elementals who will propel you to race better and furthermore attempt and keep you from achieving the end goal and take your banner. With the assistance of your Element partner, you can oppose them and even reverse the situation on them taking their banners. Contenders who complete the race with banners speaking to every one of the four components are The Bravest. Almost 3,500 individuals participate in this event. The least age to participate in it is 16.

Well, above has described some of the upcoming events in Cancun. So, consider all of them and book any of the flights to Cancun according to your plan.

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