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Festivals you can enjoy on your trip to Mexico

Mexico is offering the best and fun festivals in the whole years. If you are new to Mexico, you will love this city because of unlimited fun. You can come to visit from all over the world especially, flights to Mexico City from Toronto is also very cheap. There are many festivals in Mexico that comes back to back. These festivals are traditional and religious. Festivals reflex the tradition and religious views of the people. The celebrations are of many types but people enjoy it a lot. Many festivals are especially for family get together and the people who never visit their families for a long time will get a chance to meet and greet their families.
Let’s talk about the most famous festivals that you must try on the trip to Mexico. Let’s have a look.

Festivals you can enjoy on your trip to Mexico:

Día de Muertos:

In English translation, it means the Day of the Death. It is the celebration of life over death. This festival is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November. In this festival, people celebrate the 1st day for the children and it is called “The Day of Innocent”. The second day is for the dead people, in this day, people decorate the grave of their lost family members. Families come together to visit the graves of their loved one. The special feast is prepared for these two specific days.

Dia de muertos ofrenda, at catacumbs

Dia de la Independencia:

It is a celebration of the start of Mexico’s war of independence. Many artists draw different painting on the walls to portray the independence and Mexican culture, in this way they elaborate the war of independence. Moreover, different exhibitions and shows are organized to entertain people. The roads are full of people and Mexican music also is sung all over. Many local people took flights to Mexico City from Toronto only to celebrate this festival.

Guelaguetza Festival:

It’s an annual celebration of the Guelaguetza. It’s a cultural festival with full of colors and art. The whole state will pack with amazing colors. Every person will involve in dance and enjoy the music. This festival has entry tickets but all sold out before and many people miss it because of no tickets. It is the best experienced for the tourists. This festival celebrates in the month of July. You can plan your trip around this festival to enjoy it.

There are many other festivals that come in alike:

  1. Las Posadas.
  2. Semana Santa.
  3. Cinco de Mayo.
  4. Son Jarocho Music Festival
  5. Festival de México.

    These are the most famous festivals in Mexico. Some of the locals who are living in other American places like Canada, New York, etc, come only to celebrate these festivals with their families. For that purpose, they take flights to Mexico City from Toronto or other international airports to enjoy the whole festive week. There are many types of the feast are also prepare for the festivals.


traditional Mexican pinata

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