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Mexican street food that even vegetarian can enjoy

Mexico is all about varieties of legumes, local fruits, a wide range of vegetables and the love of cooking with delicious natural ingredients. If you are traveling to Mexico and are not a meat lover, do not worry too much about finding Mexican vegetarian food. Here is a list of vegetarian street foods you must try.

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Many of the Mexican street foods are made from corn, but they are usually made from masa, nixtamalized dough of corn from which tamales, tortillas, and other foods are made. Elotes and skites, on the other hand, are made of pure corn, although this is not usually the sweet corn you can expect. The elotes are corncobs covered with crumbled fresh cheese, mayonnaise, lime juice and chili powder, served on a stick.

Mexican Elote with mayo, chesee and cili


Tacos Hola

This tacos hola serves over 20 types of stew tacos. These types of tacos are the most popular in the morning, making it a perfect breakfast to go for less than 20 pesos. Our favorite vegetarian dishes are stuffed chili and cauliflower taco. You can choose to cover your taco with rice, beans then add the sauce and continue on your way.

Tacos de guisado Mexican


Churros are fried sweet dough sprinkled with sugar. The churros were taken from Spain, but the Mexicans took them quickly.  Make sure to buy and eat them fresh as stale churros can be gummy and disappointing as compared to delicious churros.


When you see the little football-shaped corn pies sitting on the edge of a hot comal, you’ll know you’re watching a tlacoyo. The tasty filling inside the tlacoyo will be fried beans, mashed beans, or cottage cheese, which has a little ricotta texture. At the top, you’ll find slippery cactus cacti, coriander, fresh cheese and chopped raw onion. The dish is a vegetarian’s dream.

mexican Tlacoyos with beans, meat and cream


Quesadillas is always one of the best options for vegetarians, although most people cook them on the same surface as the meat, which makes them slightly fleshy. You can get your quesadilla with pumpkin flowers inside or onions and mushrooms filling, chile problano and potatoes. You can also add cheese if you are a cheese lover.

Vegan tacos

Since veganism has not been popularized all over the country, you will probably only find vegan tacos in Mexico City. Forever Vegan has been around for a few years and remains a pleasure for anyone who wants to avoid all meat products. Its menu includes soy, wheat, shepherd, and other meat substitutes with incredibly real taste. They also have black beans and rice fillings and some special sauces and fresh fruit-flavored waters.

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